Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Give me some Energy, I need some Energy!

I was recently invited to the Nike HQ London, by good friend and Mr Nike, Nehjat Ramoth. As soon as I stepped into the premises I had severe ''Office envy'' probably due to the fact that you were surrounded by Nike yet to be released footwear and apparel and just general Nike not for sale stuff. Making you want the item more.

Anyway it so happens I was invited to receive free stuff with a swoosh on, being a Nike fanatic this was pretty much free crack to a crackhead!

Nike Sportswear support people doing their thing in London, may it be Sport, Art, Music and in my case Fashion. So I was delighted, mainly due to the recognition of my hard work. Its always nice to get a pat on the back, or a shoe on your foot.

It was a pleasure meeting Ronojoy Dam of Nike Energy Marketing who is also a fan of what we do.

Amongst the freebi's I was given the Nike Air Force Duckboot, the concept and quality of the shoe is great and will keep my feet warm and dry in this tough English climate!

"They call it SEEDING" ;)

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