Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Little Master

Cricket to Indians is much more then a sport. Its a serious part of their lives it gives them a sense of hope and well being, as many of them do not have much in the way of opportunities and belongings.

This is why the Indian team are the Worlds best, by winning the World Cup 2011 they proved passion and raw talent is the winning formula.

I feel very proud to be of Indian descent, and inspired especially by 'The Little Master' Sachin Tendulkar. Diving on the boundary lines at 38 years of age shows how much he wanted to bring the World Cup home for India. So highly respected in Cricket and regarded as one of the best batsman to have ever played the game.

'Sachin Tendulkar has carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 21 years. So it was fitting we carried him on our shoulders after this win'
Virat Kholi 2011

Sachin we salute you.

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