Thursday, 2 June 2011

T&F Slack Shoes

As we are opening a store, we decided to expand into different areas other then just clothing.

I approached a British shoe company, to talk about a collaboration. On meeting the Bespoke shoe makers T&F Slack , I realised that there approach to shoe making was similar to our garment making. Both made in the UK, both giving the option to choose your own colours and fabrics, both have really lovely people working behind the brand, anyway we thought it would be a great story and collaboration.

The shoe shape we wanted to work with was the 5 hole Derby, a greatsilhouette.The shoe is extremely lightweight using nappa leather outer and a microfibre rubber sole which for me gives it that nice streetwear element to it, and extracts the overly smartness of the shoe. We did not want to change it too much, but add a House of Billiam personality to it.

They also do custom bikes, we got a little tour of their workshop.

A few ideas we put together for the samples to be made.

Refined streetwear steps.

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