Monday, 8 September 2008


So a week or so ago, I, the music Doc J.P.W brought you and exclusive clip of Kanyeeeeeezy performing a track that was believed to be from his next album. So at the MTV Video Music Awards at the World famous Paramount Studio's last night Kanye performed the track Officially! Love Locked Down is not only a great song but in my opinion one of the best Kanye may have ever done? I'm an instant lover of the track. This performance killed the whole show for me. Whilst everyone was trying their hardest to look special and extraordinary Kanye just rolled up at the very end and proved his worth. I've seen Kanye a few times in concert now and this is by far the best performance I have ever seen from the man!

Truly amazing performance! ENJOY (oh, and try and ignore the sex pest at the end)


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