Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Viktor & Rolf @ Barbican Gallery

Back on the blogging, busy times with moving into a new pad and sortin stuff out for my final year at Uni, meaning collection and dissertation hence THE END OF THE BEGINNING.
Anyway I went to see Viktor & Rolf Exhibition at the Barbican Gallery and must say it was the most thrilling out of all the ones I went to in a 2 day exhibition binge.

Never have I really studied their work before and on arrival I thought they must have a slight obsession with dolls, the ceramic type that scare the shit out of you!! This is the first time in the United Kingdom that an exhibition has been devoted to this highly influential duo. Over the past 15 years Viktor & Rolf have taken the fashion world by storm with their particular blend of cool irony and surreal beauty. Characteristics of their clothes include layering, distorting, exaggerating and repeating of classical design elements, and artsitic concept driven ways of presenting their unique collections such as the Russian Doll style layering where one single model stood and wore couture dress after couture dress:

here are some "STICTLY NO PHOTOGRAPHY" photos:

In November 2006, Viktor & Rolf followed Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney in designing a line for the Swedish-based retailer H&M

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