Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Few of my favourite things.

Top 10 at this moment in time:

Double Goose Leather V Bomber:

This is pefect for the winter months and would probably make you sweat in the antartic!! French label, and made iconic by Run DMC.

Aquascutum Double Breasted Trench:

Customised by me, it has been cropped to waist length and shoulder pads taken out as this was originally a womens long trench. Fits a 38'' chest.

Vintage Varsity Jacket:

Timeless piece for me and picked up for next to nothing on eBay. Made by Delong and probably from the early 60's.

Christian Dior Monsieur Blazer:

Simply cause of the fit and cut of the jacket as if it was tailored for me by the man himself.

Paul Smith Floral Shirt:

Paul Smith floral print is definately my favourite, very distinctive and are beautiful fitting shirts.

Levi Vintage Clothing 1901 501xx Indigo Immortal:

I only really wear Levi denim, and this is definately my favourite pair. They are falling to bits so I had to fuse the inside so they dont tear so easy. I also tapered the leg slightly with the option of making them straight again leaving the fabric on the inside. Limited to 1010 pieces worldwide.

Supreme T-shirts:

Various tee's by Supreme amongst my favourites are the Charlie Ahearn, Terry Richardson x Kermit, and Malcolm McLaren collaborations. Next purchase will be the John Coltrane Love box tee.

Jordan Collection:

Avid sneaker collector and my Jordans are probably my most prized possesions, Jordan VI being my favourite shoe of all time with close runner up Jordan IV. Also the Jordan VII Bordeaux which has never been retro'd.

Trickers x Present Boot:

By far one of my best purchases this year. Brogue boot with a Vibram sole, I wear it everywhere and anywhere I have not taken these off since I have got them, considering bying another pair in Green. Has a little more sophistication then a Red Wings shoe with the brogue detailing.

Visvim Ballistic Backpack:

Taken on all my adventures, white patent and pure quality within fabric and production, which comes as standard with Visvim products.

Cultured Materialistic.

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