Saturday, 12 July 2008

MCFLY prototype on EBAY.

Get bidding!!

Like it states not a practical wearable shoe. But would look great in the glass cabinet!Tinker Hatfields drawings would be quite a piece to have also aswell as one shoe. the auction is not for a pair....
guess i'll have to wait till 2015.

meanwhile i picked up some new kicks as you do...
Nike Vandal Vintage. The first retro was not great as it did not have the parachute material but this retro feels like I have kept them in my loft since 1985. They recieved the vintage treatment from Nike which seems to be popular right now, leaving regular shoppers wondering:

why would you pay extra money for a pair of trainers that look 20 years old?

well the answer is within the question.

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evenstevens said...

they look over comfy