Thursday, 17 July 2008

Nostalgia: The Most Powerful Emotion?

"Oh my god! do you remeber that?!!"

when I hear that quote it kind of sends a little shiver down my spine and puts an instant smile on my face. Seeing something that reminds me of being a kid, really does make me feel giddy!

I know the 80's trend has been such a big FAD recently but that will come and go but that era from the mid 80's to early 90's will have a strong hold and influence on me from the way I dress to the music I listen to. Hence the love for Vintage kicks and Starter caps to Public Enemy and Tribe Called Quest.

as an emotion. its real powerful.


the story of my og Jordan VII .

My parents broke up when i was 7, save the violins cause this story gets happy. So the good thing about this was each parent tried to better eachother in the form of material things.

So when my Old man bought me the Jordan VI Blk/Infra red when I was 10 (my favourite shoe to date), my Old Dear had to better this, so she went out and bought me a spanking pair of Jordan VII. I was ecstatic! 2 Pairs of fresh Jordans while the rest of my peers were wearing Arrow and Matchstick. Just to brag my superior footwear I would wear the AJ6 to school while the AJ7 was chillin in a box in my backpack!

I was blatantly top boy getting all the ladies in the playground.

The best thing is I have had the Jordan VII since the age of 10, fresh in box.
It takes alot for a kid not to rock his new kicks nevermind saving them for 15 years. never worn. This colourway has never been retro'd which makes it that much more worthwhile.

this is my most prized sneaker:

Starter caps


Me (Rav) chilling with the local Coke dealer......

.....say NO TO DRUGS.


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