Tuesday, 22 July 2008

At least it went to a good cause.

Thrift store bargain hunting conisseur Bendy regularly comes across some incredibly cheap finds! So when he told me he found some Nike Dunk 'Heineken' SB or Red Star for legal reasons for a grand total of £4.80 I was somewhat dubious but optimistic at the same time.

They were recieved in the post today.

Unfortunatley. They happened to be fake. Dodgy midsole and the size tag initially gave it away. But to the un-trained eye these could easy pass for £300 kicks.

Im not going to lie I was a tad upset as I thought they would be legit, and pre-arrival I was making up stories in my head as how they could of got to Cancer Research Store.

Oh well.

Just call it Charity work.

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