Sunday, 7 June 2009

Kazuki Kuraishi for Adidas

An opening party will be held for the launch of Adidas collaboration with Kazuki Kuraishi. Talented designer and artistic director, Kazuki is working with the biggest street brands and luxury japanese brands. He is one of the key members of Neighborhood, and has worked many times with BAPE, Visvim, W(Taps, and now Silly Thing, on a seasonal basis as consultant and design director.

He is the Creative Director for Adidas Japan, and also the 'other half' of FRAGMENT Design which Hiroshi Fujiwara comes up with the idea/concept, and Kazuki provides the input on production and materials. Some amazing pieces in the collection my favourite the full leopard print jacket!

Launch is on the 9th July @ HIP then after party. Should be a good night, make sure you wear Adidas :(

3 stripe or swoosh? I have always been a swoosh man myself, but have to give it to Adidas, their collaboration choices have been spot on, they certainly know where the party is at! Nike needs to step up their game in this area in my opinion.

Still SWOOSH. Always.


Post-it boy said...

cool blog...

Branding Is Blather said...

>>Nike needs to step up their game in this area in my opinion<<

You're right. Maybe Nike sees that the arty collabo just isn't their spot.

RSM said...

yeah maybe but recent collabos say they must be