Monday, 1 June 2009

Street Dreams

Starring some of the best skaters around this movie is going to represent skating from a skater perspective, real eyes. There has been a few skate films, but have not done it justice. This will be something for a skater to relate to and a non-skater to visualise.

Pharell on his part in Street Dreams

“they head to any place with stairs, any good grinds the world was theirs"

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sean said...

To be honest I think the movie will be balls, and any skater worth his salt will find it embarrassing. What kind of ridiculous picture of skateboarding is it trying to put forward, with P Rod's character having to make 'one big trick' to make it in the business? Plus, as big a legend as he is, Dyrdek is a bellend, P Rod has no vision, Sheckler is a goof, and Pharrell is just as bad for using the film to legitimise his Skateboard P schtick.

I will be pleasantly surprised if it's good though :p