Friday, 15 May 2009

Busy times...

Its drawing towards a close now the 3 years of study has almost come to an end. So as you can imagine collection time is very stressful and intense amount of work. So each 3rd year get a 1st year to help out, sort of like an intern. I was lucky enough to get two! Luck of the draw....

Unfortunately being the control freak that I am they have only had tedious jobs for them to do, but have been a great deal of help jus re-drawing my patterns and making them neat and tidy! My toille crit was on Thursday, showing my work to the tutors and recieving feedback. It went well. The young ladies helped style the outfits and made sure everything ran smoothly! Thanks Vicky and Lauren!

My first years:

Line up

Every Sorcerer needs an Apprentice, or more fittingly, every Surgeon needs a nurse.

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