Thursday, 28 May 2009

Final HAND IN.

Today was the day. All my class, well most of them have been working ridiculous hours on an intense Fashion BA course, to produce the best quality work they could within the college brief requirements. It has been hard work, but when your doing something you enjoy it makes it that little bit easier. It all came together well and the static exhibition space was set up, a small space, which required great deal of thought on how to place various shelf and work.

I went for a busy minimal approach. If that makes sense! Somewhat like a Comme des Garcons pop-up store. First time I felt like a manly man in 3 years! Putting up shelves and handling powerful drills instead of un-picking dress seams HA! Pics up soon.

Final show poster:

Please come, will be held in Leeds @ the Royal Armouries Museum Hall on June 18th 7pm, Tickets £7 and are available at or ring 01132028035

The End of the Beginning is Nigh.

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