Monday, 4 May 2009

Sifting through old photos pt.ii

The next image. Is of my beautiful mother. February 1973 at the age 12 pictured next to what seems a Cherry Blossom Tree, in Singapore, she seems to be in her own dreamland. Apart from being a lovely picture of my old dear I also like the color pallete. The shades of Forest green, strong navy blue, flashes of brilliant golden yellow and fuschia makes it an amazing pic.

My mother used to have pen pals, and when she married and came to England at the age of 20, she was forced to stop writing to them.

Check this. well while we was going through the photos we found pictures of my mums penpals and on the back were messages and their names!! SOOOOOOOO enter Google and Facebook!

Penpal 1:

Penpal 2
Dated 20/11/1979:

They were found, hoping its the same person! Both on Facebook and I contacted them to see if they would write to my Mum again. Fingers crossed. It would be the perfect Birthday present.


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