Friday, 6 February 2009


So the recession has hit many stores independent boutiques, the latest to go is Maharishi and also its diffusion line MHI. They have recently been bought out by JD Group, probably better known as JD Sports and Size?. JD also recently bought Footpatrol, the DPMHI store will now be Hideout and Stussy combined and also hold a Bathing Ape concession, while the A Bathing Store will be moving to Floral Street where Maharishi used to be..... Maharish amd MHI loks like it may be sold in SIZE? stores.

By doing this I feel it makes exclusive streetwear even more mainstream then it already has become, a shame to see, and loses its staff/customer relations. The small community 'who stay true to the game' will be forced to sell out to survive.


Maharishi Floral St.


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