Saturday, 7 February 2009

World Cup Italia 1990

The best World Cup in the history of World Cups?

To me yes. Definately. After seeing Barnsey on Soccer AM this morning performing his rap live brought a shiver to my spine and all the memories flooding back! They say our sense of smell is connected really well to our memory but hearing the NEW ORDER - World in Motion tune has got to be up there!

The rap scene was between Des Walker and John Barnes, Gazza wanted to get involved but the geordie accent would surely not of pulled it quite off like Barnsey did! Listen to the track and i bet you cant help dancing like a memeber of WHAM when Barnsey drops in!

I remeber having the sticker book, and Gary Lineker was my favourite player, Gazza cryin, Baggio's emergence, David Platts goal that everyone tried re-creating in the playground the next day, the mini coca cola footballs with the Italia 90 stick man on it....

ahhhhh the NOSTALGIA!

"Express yourself Create the space"

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