Monday, 18 August 2008

CDG:Rei Kawakubo x H&M

Comme des Garcons bein one of my favourite design team in fashion Iwas very excited when i heard they would be collaborating with high street giants H&M. Making quality garments more affordable and attainable, well maybe attainable. Im pretty sure there will be overnight queues for this collabo and thats if it will be released in the UK.

Everyone and everything seem to be doing collaborations these days. Building hype to sell and certain collaborations appealing to different subcultures, so its a must for them to attain the goods.

from artists, musicians and companies joining forces, where will it go next.

NIKE x Adidas??? naaaa!you say that now!

A particular fan of the men and womens pea coat and also the polka dot shorts. The womens is looking very strong, the Goth x Hamish influenced dress will be a top seller in Japan im pretty sure.
Look forward to getting my hands on some of the bits. Hopefully not Ebay prices!

Resellers karma!

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