Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Druh Belts & Buckles

Golf and Fashion these days seem to go hand in hand, also interesting how it has evolved over the years. The whole preppy look has took streetwear by storm and the influence of argyle and plaid and lightweight knits, it seems pretty acceptable for us to all dress as if were going to hit a few balls at the local golf club. Its a good look and all Golfers are at it. From Ian Poulters over the top crap to the well turned out Jesper Parnavik.

Another Professional Golfer who does not mind a bit colour co-ordination is my cousin 'Frog' Matharu. Everything matches up from his Puma stripe to his Ping embroidered cap, he also brought to my attention Druh Belts and Buckles

"even you will like these"

That I did. Handmade, they come in variation of quality leathers. Ostrich, Crocodile, Snakeskin amongst other unique finishes, in varied colourways. Width size 1" or 2". It also has popper buttons so you can attach whichever belt buckle you wish:

pretty dope! rock wit ya sagging jeans or your tailored clubhouse pants!

Crocodile leather Salmon 1" simple buckle is my combo!

For further details Facebook Group

druhbeltsandbuckles.com coming soon.

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