Monday, 18 August 2008

Fashion in the Mirror @ The Photographers Gallery

William Klein

Trying to get in with the 'IN CROWD'

Tim Walker

Nick Knight

"An absorbing new exhibition, Fashion in the Mirror, at the Photographers' Gallery in London, exposes some of the off-frame drama that happens in the process of creating a fashion image."

A skill that I would like to educate myself more a bout. The Exhibition was all about Self-Reflection in Fashion Photography. A hehind the scenes look at what goes on, a shot before the shot so to speak.

A new name to me was Tim Walker whose shots for Vogue were very intriguiging through the use of his oversized props. William Klein shot Karl Lagerfeld surrounded by people carrying placards with his photograph

Another image that caught my eye for non perv reasons was Green Bath by Harri Peccinott

"So I climbed up there above the bathtub and I saw my reflection on the water, right on the model's pubis. I asked the girl to lie very still, waited for the image to settle, and shot. For a self portrait, I find it quite flattering."

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