Monday, 18 August 2008

Selvage Denim

Im pretty particular when it comes to the denim I wear usually it has to be LVC, or some form of Levi may it be collaboration or actual vintage non re-pro.

Selvage denim is somethin I always look for and represents a higher grade of quality, it is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel. The word Selvage comes from "Self edge" the natural edge of a roll of fabric, which is made on old style shuttle looms. The process is slower and produces less material, but the denim is regarded as more “authentic” and has more character than regular non-selvage denim, and usually demands a higher price bracket.

Brands like Edwin, LVC, Flathead and old Evisu epitimise quality and justify a higher price. Also the high street have clicked on to people thinkin they need selvage denim when they dont actually know what it means. Next, H&M have their own version of selvage denim not the same quality but very good denim.

Kiosk 78 recently opened in Leeds.

Gavin @ Kiosk78

The stores direction is heavily based on quality and more subtle street style. Stocking Parisian brand A.P.C, also Margaret Howell, Folk and Nom De Guerre amongst others it has hit a niche within the Leeds streetwear market.

for more information check out their website.

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