Monday, 18 August 2008

Fashion V Sport @ The Victoria & Albert Museum

For me this was a slight let down.

My collection will fit somewhere in between Fashion and Sport/Street rather then performance so I thought it would be something quite worthwhile going to. It was informative but really only confirmed what I already knew, not saying im a Mr Know-it-all, just an enthusiast of this area of fashion. Altho I did learn a few interesting facts:

Did you know that Cole Haan had collaborated with Nike to make a cushioned heeled womens sling back shoe, and also Cameroon were fined for their Puma UniqT kit. An all-in-one kit which disobeyed FIFA's rules that a kit should consist of socks, shorts and shirt.

A few pics. sorry for quality as they were done on the sly! GET ME BLUD!!

It also confirmed Hiroshi Fujiwara is the Top Dawwwggg!

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