Thursday, 21 August 2008


The amount of times I got told: "STOP PUSHING, CALM DOWN" last night was was ridiculous. These dilluded girls who came dressed up in heels and face masks thinkin Pharell will spot them and wife them, were so adoment i was in the wrong for moshing out in a mosh pit. Since the first Gig I went to in February 2003, the first they did in the U.K alot has changed. It was way more underground and raw/real back then. All about the music and how it effected you.

I got rather aggrivated that people stood next to me in the crowd did not even know what the first album was called and where telling me what to do.

Im an avid fan of N*E*R*D and not just Pharell, even though I do admire his work and talent, im there for the music the buzz the adrenalin that keeps you bouncing for 2 hours in heat more accustomed to the sahara dessert, whilst sweating like Gary Glitter in a Playgound.

At the signing Shae just walked out casually and no one batted an eyelid!! whats that all about!!!

The best thing to come out the of Gig last night was my boy Lee A TRUE FAN getting picked out by Pharell and Shae to get on stage to skank out to LapDance.

Chad was not there last night, which strengthened rumours of a split and also Shae and Pharell left in seperate vehicles to the concert and seemed distant both at the signing and on stage.
Also Pharell's cardigan is Ralph Lauren, his tash and scruffy vans seemed he was going 'back to his skater roots' his look when wearing vintage Levi's and Led Zeppelin t-shirts.

Anyhow now that I have finished ranting, the days activities were somewhat more fun then the nights:

Kristin was missing home so she got some £10 Norwegian water.

Willy Wonky Chocolate

Warren reppin some Luxury camo goods. Louis Vuitton Monogramoflage

who said ginners cant pose. Mark Ingerman

Ferris Bueller takes a day off while discussing some Risky Business

"Table for seven like BECKHAM!!"

Whats the BIG ISSUE?

Band Of Glory

Supposedly Flannels had a good sale on Paul & Shark

Spreading the word

Prav & co.... The Tropicana' drinks are definately free in that denim number Patel

Neil doing the Day Job

Mr P arrives with a disgusting looking scarf

and some Square Pants

Real Recognise Real

That guy from Embrace also known as Karl

some random dude goes by the name of Shae

In Search Of .....

"Its so Real How I Feel its this society that makes a FAN want to kill!"


Jessy Gill said...


I was at signing of N*E*R*D @ life and have to say that you guys took some wicked pictures.
Neil has some of me & Pharrell and I was hoping to get copies or view them. Was meant to get his email add...but got lost in the hype!
Could you email me details of where I can view them or get copies please?

Much appreciation

RSM said...

hey check out

get in touch with neil via that

we all get lost in the hype now and again!!!