Sunday, 31 August 2008

Fresh White Daps.

Fresh kicks are my Opium, at this moment in time, for me there is nothing better then a brand spankin' pair of true white Vans Authentic. Shape and simplicity of the skate shoe fresh white out of the box does excite me a tad!

But once they get dirty they dont seem to have the same effect on me when I slip them on.

8th Deadly Sin: Having Dirty Shoes.

So when are Vans going to make a leather or patent leather version so I can just wipe them down after from a hectic night at the DISCO!



They did not do too bad considering the antics. Janeeta a 'fellow BROWNI' who shares the same addiction or VICE. Has possibly the best collection of womens heels I have seen struttin the Dancefloors. These GUCCI numbers were quite arousing:

So until Vans decide to make a leather pack, i'll have to go with this Common Project shoe. White leather patent. FOREVER FRESH!! Simple subtle style tennis shoe with gold text detailing and attention to quality in production and materials makes it a fine looking piece of footwear. If you decide to invest go a size down as these are very big fitting.


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