Friday, 1 August 2008

Jam Series

I went on a little road trip to see my friend Taran's shop, he just opened A Shop Called Wood in Huddersfield.
Carrying labels such as Stussy, YMC and MHI and decor inspired by Dover Street Market, it was something refreshing for the people of Huddersfield to look at, being quite a backwards city, in my opinion, I hope his store can inspire the street wear of the Yorkshire town. They also have a store in Manchester.

So after this we took a walk up to O'Neils. A Sports Performance store hidden down a small alley one of them ones that has been there for years and has original character, so much so that when I was looking at the cricket jumpers for non performance purposes, I could smell Ian Botham!
I had heard rumours from both Taran and Lee, that there was some hidden gems that only a sneaker conisseur could understand. So Lee took me upstairs EY EY! And made me feel like a deprived schoolkid again!
Looking in the stockroom at the dusty broken boxes made me a lttle giddy. The felling of NOSTALGIA was overwhelming! Lee did the diggin while I tried to contain myself!

original Adidas Samba

Adidas Association High

Reebok Blacktop Pump

So I had to find myself a little something.
Being nicknamed Jam, due to the love of JAM!! on toast, bakewell tarts, doughnuts anything with jam will suffice, I had to bag these. Ryan Eventually digged out a pair that were not soiled and in perfect nick. Not a bad price either




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