Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Obama stand up comedian!


ha JOKES!!!

"Fascist protect the FASCIST!!

It was an eventful weekend in Leeds City Centre. Most prominently that there was an organistaion called the BPP, a National Fascist Group demonstrated their White Supremacy ideals outside HMV, protesting against Black Music and its influence on the U.K. These narrow minded idiots were supposed to turn up at 9a.m but all that gathered outside HMV were a number of Riot Vans and then suddenly a hoard of Anti-Fascist campaigners came trooping through top protest against the vile BPP.

A anti-fascist flyer read:

"The BPP are a group of vicious racists and neo-nazis, they are supporters of Adolf Hitler, and want White supremacy and not White equality."

Being an Ethnic minority my self it was quite heart warming to see such a vast amount of people believing in Unity rather then ultra Nationalism. Their hatred is upon Blacks, Asians, Gays and basically everything that is not a White British.

They eventually turned up in little numbers, 15 at the most with children. Protected by the Police. Thats when I heard the cry:

Anti-fascists protest
Quite a turn out:

Great Black Music:
Police protect the BPP:

I then asked the officer:

"have you ever heard that track by NWA?"
"which ones that then?" he replied
"You know 'FUCK DA POLICE' ?"

Terry Richardson Photographer

Richardson's photographs are often to some extent autobiographical and frequently graphically depict sexual subject matter, erotic nature and controversial style has given him that edge and his work is instantly recogniseable. Something I feel makes a good Photographer.

Here is his latest shoot with Marc Jacobs, Lily Cole and Leo Fitzpatrick. We also get to see Jacob’s tattoo work which includes the likes of Sponge Bob, Eric Cartman, a Simpsonized version of himself and matching “Bros over Hos” piece with tattoo and graphic artist extraordinaire Scot Campbell.

welcome to Terrys World!

Friday, 17 October 2008

King Stampede x New Era

Seen as everyone is collaborating with New Era these days its hard to come up with an original concept for the cap.

King Stampede recently released their collaboration with New Era and changed up the structure and shape of the cap.

Almost like a Fidel Castro shape style cap 2 panel instead of 4. Best New Era collabo shape wise I have seen for a while.

"A Revolution is not a bed of Roses"

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Its not cool to laugh at other people mis-fortune! But come on this is hilarious, well the news presenter thought it was!!! Poor model toppels in her Vivienne heels!!

Them moves are usually acustomes to "Shakin Stevens" stage shows! Ladies imagine wearin them under the influence! good buy ankle ligaments!

Head Porter 2008 Fall/Winter iPhone Case Collection

Finally a decent case for my iPhone. Head Porter latest collection looks rather appealing my personal favourites would have to be the Zebra and Leopard print and also the Quilted. Hopefully will get a UK release at a decent price.

pictures taken from Hypebeast

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Get Your Rodney Mullen ON!!

Red Bull Manny Mania is a 'MANUAL' skate trick contest, born in the USA. The contest has been tweaked for the UK, and is set to hit Leeds, Brighton, Bristol & London in October '08, as a four stop tour.

Exit Leeds shop window.

check out the myspace for more details.

sponsored by the people at EXIT