Thursday, 30 April 2009

M&S Childrenswear competition.

I did not win it unfortunately but got highly commended feedback and a gift voucher of £15!WOOOHOOO! Mums gonna have some right fun spending that! The award will be presented at an all expenses dinner which should be cool, and also get to dress up!

The concept was something exciting, multi-functional inspired by my mind as a child. I created a jacket which transforemed into a back-pack using Transformer imagery for the kids to relate to, the prototype was mocked up, and sent to M&S design staff.

£15 Voucher! Free food! Everyones a WINNER!!!

Full Website coming soon

On its way. Big thanks to Mr. Pankhurst


Neil Bedford to Photograth the Loookbook.

World renown Fashion photographer has agreed to photograph the 6 oufit Graduate Lookbook. Previously working with the likes of Stussy, Nike, Billionaire Boys Club, i-D and FHM to name a few, Bedford now gets the pleasure to work with the SURGEON :)

Neils work for Billionaire Boys Club Lookbook:

Full lookbook can be seen HERE

Hectic times

There has been lack of updates due to the workload, just over 4 weeks left and the collection is half way there. Selvage denim finished and now currently in talks with A SHOP CALLED WOOD, to stock the carrot cut raw denim as a collaboration between them and myself.

Also the collaboration with House of Billiam is now complete and the garment is not looking too shabby if I do say so myself! A few sneaky pics of some of the details of the garments:

Selvage denim CS x WOOD

Hoody x House of Billiam

Thats all your getting!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Singh is King

Waris Singh Ahluwalia, Jewellery designer, actor and all round cool being. He does not sacrifice his roots to conform to what westernised Sikhs would think is cool, he has his own authentic original demeanor which seems carefree and effortless. Recently caught on The Satorialist, the comments suggest people from many differnet cultures shine to the Mr Singhs stance.


House of Waris

Ideas are endless.

I decided to do some printed fabric due to I could not find the print that I wanted. I did it digitally simple by choosing a desired image and transfrering onto the computer for the digital printer to read.... so..... basically you can print anything on however much fabric you require!! I wanted a pixelated print which I took from a Salvadore Dali image influenced by Cristian Zuzunaga couch:

Salvadore Dali Abraham Lincoln image

To the computer

To the Digital Printer

Wait to see how I apply to the body!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Fabric Hunt

Another adventure for Fabric. Goals were set before I left, and all were acompolished! Selvage denim CHECK. Fox tail Fur CHECK. Wool Jersey CHECK. Vintage Doctor/Surgeon bag CHECK!!! Luckily the early 1900's vintage crocodile bag was still there in Portabello, and a bargain at £50, David Dickinson would of been proud!!! ClothHouse supplied most of the fabric.


Red-line selavage.


Cinch shopfront

A little pick up :)

Vintage Surgeons bag

When I saw the bag still there this tune played repeatedly in my head until I had to carry it all round London.

"Surgeon gotta brand new bag!"

Audi v BMW

Clever comeback by BMW. Audi kind of stepped into that one.

click pic to enlarge


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Attack on an innocent bystander who seems to be minding his own business. Police are they not meant to diffuse the violence instead of insiting it. In all my years on Earth the Police have been more cowardly then made society members feel safe, thats why they dont get the respect they think they deserve. If this was me, you or any other member of society we would be imprisoned, its assault and contributed to his death, not saying the officer meant to kill him but he used excessive force.

Everyone is quick to blame and criticise them but I have no reason to defend them. I understand its a hard job but they should go about it the right way and be consistent in the way they act. Im not brandishing all members of the force this way but majority seem on power trips and out of control.

Whose going to Police the Police?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hussein Chalayan

I love this denim detail image from Chalayan's Autumn Winter 1999. Photo by Marcus Tomlinson.

We've all been there

When your too young too get into any club and you do anything it takes to make yourself look a little older, our boy Sasha also known as Mugabi (ill let you do the math) is at the tender age of 17 and was nervous to hear that 'NOT TONIGHT MATE' cliché, so we gave him a makeover! some Raw denim, Ralph shirt, Vans era and a nice vintage leather were the garments of choice, but it needed somethin else! A quick fade, first we thought maybe the Robinho style mo-hawk but I then opted with the old school high top fade with the Tyson line, not being a trained Barber the result turned out ok-ish!!

Unfortunately, the young man did not make the Bar, but at least he went home with a fresh cut.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Photographer and friend Neil Bedford will present a series of works involving the BBC crew later this month. He has been following N.E.R.D throughout their recent UK Tour and snapped them at various venues and also did the lookbook for BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB. He will be exhibiting his work at Flannels in Manchester on the 16th of April, there will be prints for sale so get there sharpish and see this young Yorkshiremans work.

"Bedder's remeber when u said u will Photograph my Lookbook, Nice One!"


Gullwing for Nigo

An AMG upgrade on this vintage auto-mobile sounded amazing. This is one of my favourite vintage cars, and to have had a modern touch added makes it so much better, BUT unfortunately for me, the exterior the full Ape camo ruined it, I know its for Nigo, but why not subtle touches of the branding, instead of the Mercedes badge maybe a Ape head.... the exterior ruined this car for me. Still, Mercedes 300sl Gullwing x AMG x NIGO is Dope, and if you had a signature print of your own you maybe would plaster it all over your custom made car! Check it out

Before makeover:

The car also featured in the video for Kanye's track Diamonds From Sierra Leone.