Thursday, 28 May 2009

my peoples.

A photo montage, that depicts all the people, friends and family who have had a little helping hand, in some way or another, towards my final hand in. Mainly my mum. Who takes center stage within the composition.

Ill get by with a little help from my friends!

Final HAND IN.

Today was the day. All my class, well most of them have been working ridiculous hours on an intense Fashion BA course, to produce the best quality work they could within the college brief requirements. It has been hard work, but when your doing something you enjoy it makes it that little bit easier. It all came together well and the static exhibition space was set up, a small space, which required great deal of thought on how to place various shelf and work.

I went for a busy minimal approach. If that makes sense! Somewhat like a Comme des Garcons pop-up store. First time I felt like a manly man in 3 years! Putting up shelves and handling powerful drills instead of un-picking dress seams HA! Pics up soon.

Final show poster:

Please come, will be held in Leeds @ the Royal Armouries Museum Hall on June 18th 7pm, Tickets £7 and are available at or ring 01132028035

The End of the Beginning is Nigh.

OOOoo what a lovely pair!

The Vans 3 Feet High Half Cab Pack, a collaboration with DQM, Huf and with Kicks/Hi, are probably the nicest pair of Half cabs I have seen. Sk8-Hi is the model of choice right now but the Huf collabo in red premium snakeskin leather, is possibly my favourite half cab of all time! I also recently got sponsorhsip from Vans! Their logo will feature on the poster and also sending me free shoes!!

check it:

clothsurgeon x VANS! wow, now that would be something!!

ASBCI Highly Commended Award

I was recently invited to a Awards dinner in Rugby, held by ASBCI. It was a competition for Marks & Spencer, to design a childrens garment. I ended up finishing 5th out of 150 nationwide, with my Transformers multi-functional back pack. I was happy with the award and went down with Sheena and family.

Little BIG brother:


First is everything, but runner up aint bad.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Branding Hijack!!

Can you tell what it is yet?

Short back and sides please.

When you step in this Barbershop your getting more then just a freshcut.

UNION Barbers. Located in Hyde Park, for me the best barbers in town.

This is a real Barbershop with real Barbershop talk. I always come out of this place a little bit wiser through the knowledge passed by Jules and tighter abdominal muscles due to the jokes Kabs is always crackin! No one is safe!! Check your self in for a fresh cut.



"Ere mate got an appointment"

Friday, 22 May 2009

Finally. Hand in.

After some months of hard graft today we handed in our collection! A huge relief and satisfaction with what I had produced. To say I could not sew at the start of course, I have come along way!

Roll on 28th May.

Just a quick shoot!

Due to Neil Bedfords busy schedule the lookbook has been delayed, I decided to do a quick shoot assisted by my first year Lauren and modelled by good friend Mike. It went well and its the first time the collection has been pictured almost properly! I was more then content with the hard work I had put in the studio over the last months!

Free shoes from Vans!

lacing shoes.can tell we have done this a few times!

test shot

like a young Bruce Lee

Proper Lookbook coming soon!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Alive and about to get kicking!!

The full website is now up!!! Although little tweeks need to be added such as the Lookbook, Graduate collection and more Projects, it is now fully acessible to the public!!!

T-Shirts also now available:

Big thanks to Mr Pankhurst and Mr Sheikh for making me VIRTUAL REALITY!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Best Arcade game ever?

Double Dragon. Nostalgic reasons maybe!

If not it has to be up there! I have been trying to track this down for a long time, in good working condition, reasonable price and in the UK. I have it on the NES but need the actual arcade system!

got another 10p?

Friday, 15 May 2009

Busy times...

Its drawing towards a close now the 3 years of study has almost come to an end. So as you can imagine collection time is very stressful and intense amount of work. So each 3rd year get a 1st year to help out, sort of like an intern. I was lucky enough to get two! Luck of the draw....

Unfortunately being the control freak that I am they have only had tedious jobs for them to do, but have been a great deal of help jus re-drawing my patterns and making them neat and tidy! My toille crit was on Thursday, showing my work to the tutors and recieving feedback. It went well. The young ladies helped style the outfits and made sure everything ran smoothly! Thanks Vicky and Lauren!

My first years:

Line up

Every Sorcerer needs an Apprentice, or more fittingly, every Surgeon needs a nurse.

Boss Model Management

For the final show the College decided to use Boss Model Agency to acquire some good models for the event. We travelled to Manchester to do a casting, to choose 8 men and 24 women. Due to the mannequin size we work from we had to pick slighlty fuller models. Was a good experience none the less!

My favourites:
Philipp Woitscheck


selection process

show them whose the BOSS.

Neil Bedford Exhibition

It was a good night. A great turn out of many like minded people. Good music, free drinks and just a general mingle with friends not seen for a while, oh also some not so bad Photography!
some pics from the event:

Liam and Lee or is that Kanye?! Ha ha

Fabio on the decks

DJ Fakiz and Mr Old Skool cool Everton.

very aSPROUSEing!

Mo and Jay

Wazza and Triv

Nice turn out

Lee and Talented Mr Ripley (Neil)

Me and Triv

Made the wall!

and again!


Congrats to Neil. Great show old chap.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Neil Bedford Photography Exhibition

Is tomorrow at Flannels in Leeds. After the success of the first one in Manchester its moved closer to home....where next? His hometown, Footlocker in Bradford?! Ha!

be there.

Your wish is granted....

After viewing Jonathon Ross last Friday, I realised Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors. Starring in so many Epic movies such as, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway and most importantly one of my all time favourites:


The film is amazing. Look out for sneakers too! Air force ii, air pegasus....the film has everything a classic needs. Great storyline, catchy raps, a spooky funfair arcade game, Tony Alva Skateboard, Raleigh Burner, and the transition from small to big, big to small.


Sunday, 10 May 2009


To my beautiful Mum. thanking her for everything and I could not of done this year without her.x

In regards to the pen-pals. They both responded. One was not the same person, but the other confirmed she had a pen-pal from Singapore, now waiting for her response to write to my Mum. Fingers crossed.x

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Inspiration for creation

Some of the collection pieces have been inspired by German countertenor Klaus Nomi. I have taken elements of this bizarre performer's iconic style and fused them into a surreal lookin streetwear collection. All will be revealed soon.

The streets are not ready.

Take a ride on the hypecicle.

Nike Air Yeezy. Most definately the Hype shoe of the year, there hasn't been this kind of anticipation and queuing oustide store for a sneaker realease in a while. While I just kicked back and watched the madness, my pair came for free thanks to my boy! Last time I queued for a realease was the Bathing Ape Shark hoody and I told my self that would be the last!

Well the shoe was finally picked up today. It smelt amazing, you know that kind of fresh sneaker box smell, My opium. The design details were great, the glow in the dark sole unit, lace toggles and materials, but not overdesigned. A nice shoe to have in the collection. Anyhow, as we say up north 'WE'LL HAVE OWT FOR NOWT!'

the shoe:

Design developement:

Love a Freebi!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Does it have the trunks in the back?!

2009 Gullwing-America 300 SL Panamericana. Possibly my ideal car... the vintage car has a had a contemporary re-vamp!

Has it got the luxury leather trunks in the back as the 1955 one has?

Imagine red Louis Vuitton Epi leather interior and trunks.Dope!