Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Natural wear and tear PT.4

Ok so now it has been 6 months now so the jeans had to come off. They were ready. They were at a stage where I think they needed washing not just because they were getting battered, but tramps in Soho were shouting out "YOU STINK MATE" as Bendy walked frivolously through the streets. So yes, they will now be getting washed at 90º which i'm hoping will take a lot of the colour out of the denim highlighting the damage. few pics before the wash:

If you missed previous coverage here they are again for your observation:

Natural WASH.

Chimp now open

Our first agreed collaboration with a store has now opened, well re-opened. It is now under new management and will have a fresh innovative concept running throughout the store. We have done 6 block colour varsity jacket samples for the store and will be made to order, including a swatch book allowing the customer to choose the lining and outer. We are looking forward to working with Chimp and communicating with them on the same level. Take a visit at 5 Thorntons Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6LQ.

CHIMP website coming soon

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

All black everything.

Apply the black laces to this shoe and its ready, a timeless classic release by the coach and his athlete, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight . All black cortez, I have been waiting for this for a while along with a navy suede so I hope that comes soon too. These back in the day at school laced beautifully with super fat laces, but then came a next colorway, and the previous ones became the most comfortable playground football shoe. Nutmegging helpless colleagues for fun.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

material vision PT 2

In a previous blog. We got some new material and I decided to make myself an un-constructed elongated Varsity from melton wool. It turned out pretty nice. I decide to add jet pockets and and invisible underarm pocket. We are goin varsity crazy at the moment! Im a particular fan of the pinking sheared adge and the unfinished element of the jacket which is actually a design feature!


Little Bro's Varsity

We have had ourselves a studio guest, I would call him an intern but he only made 3 cups of tea and couldn't handle a broom to save his life... anyway, we helped him make/made for him a real nice varsity. Unfortunately we have no shots of the one stitch we did let him do but we didn't want to embarrass him... anyway, here are some shots of him in his final piece.

Big Brother.


Its always good to have a camera wherever you go. the SLR can get a bit bulky so the iPhone's 2 mega pixel comes in handy. Some interesting images taken on my adventures.

Loading the car with wool suiting:

At the bus stop:


Making my own egg cup:

Regents Canal, dead animals:


Vintage Nike Air Jordan VI:

Brian Lara

Kodak moments


The combinations are endless. There are so many beautiful fabrics around its hard not to keep making sample of them. The latest one, was an Aztec, Native Indian blanket, inspired woven wool. We put it together and decided between ourselves that it was an instant hit. Few snaps of the garment are below and we intend on keeping this an exclusive for a certain store, which we admire and hope they will admire our work too.

Wipe out all them Street Cowboys.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Material vision

Sometimes when we get a new material I instantly imagine something I could make for myself. I know a bit selfish maybe but I do like a quality piece of clothing now and again. The cloth we picked up was some beautiful rigid grey melton and some brushed velvet/cotton renaissance floral print. I intend on making an unstructured, unlined elongated jacket with a shawl collar and very minimal finish to it. Not that i'm being lazy just think it will work as nice design details! A quick sketch just showing what it may look like:


Friends & Family

Before they go on sale we gave the opportunity to friends & family to choose their own varsity. Most have chose black, keeping it safe and more wearable on more occasions. Some opted for simplicity, Prav on the other hand asked for an elongated body, different colour chest pockets, frog, tassel, snakeskin lining, and zipped inner pocket. We quite happily obliged and delivered. The elongated body looked great and the flash of fuchsia pink was really nice. Also the sample of our tags arrived.

Call me USPS. Cause I always deliver :)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I turned up to the Studio this morning...

...and Bendy was wearing this. Given to him as a gift as promo pieces for my Graduate collection:

Staff ONLY!

Neil Bedford x Mr Bathing Ape

The Japanese I feel are extremely influenced by British culture and Fashion. A Bathing Ape, more known for their streetwear for the youth, have released a line of more mature clothing. Calling it Mr Bathing Ape it seems they have focused on fine traditional British fabrics and accessories. Looking at tailoring, flat caps and more fitted clothing so the aging Bathing Ape fan can continue to wear the brands clothing.
The range was shot at the Connaught, Mayfair, London by Neil Bedford who seems to be shooting all the top streetwear brands right now. A perfect venue for showing British high class heritage.

Im turning very British, I think I'm turning very British, I really think so.