Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Want List.

Currently on the want list is mainly footwear, clothes wise I can make my own :)

here it is:

Pretty tame this time, dont you think?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back to work.

On my return to work after an eventful month of getting married, celebrating, travelling and enjoying life with my wife ;) I decided to take a step back from House of Billiam to concentrate on the developement of Clothsurgeon.

The time felt right, it was time for a new adventure.

The website will be up and running very soon. Currently working on a few pieces, developing a rail worthy of a strong lookbook.

Its almost ready.


Finally a well deserved break, well I like to think so anyway.

For our honeymoon we ventured east, firstly to Koh Samui, Thailand then onto Hong Kong. Thailand was so tranquil and peaceful, and Hong Kong was quite the opposite. 

the best break I have had and the first with my wife. This made me feel, more travelling is essential!

Good Times.