Saturday, 20 December 2008

Colour Palette.

For my upcoming collection I have been considering a Monochromatic Tonal Collection. Meaning one colour for the whole collection with varied tones and fabric texture.

After seeing work by Giuliano Fujiwara and Hannah Marshall I think it will work well with the the idea of construction, layering, detail and silhouette of my garments and outfits.

Giuliano Fujiwara:

Hannah Marshall:

let the Fabric sourcing begin!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The End Of The Beginning ....pre_COLLECTION

So the lack of blogging has been due to the RIDICULOUS amount of work that has been coming my way. Juggling briefs left right and centre it seems as tho the hard work has started to finally pay off.

This blog is to cover my final year at LCAD as a visual diary of interests and inspirations for my Final Collection. Pre-Collection research and design developement has just been handed in and given positive feedback by my tutors.

I decided to base my Pre-Collection on Surrealism and the work of Elsa Schiaperelli. Many artists then became prominent, such as:

Elsa Schiaperelli

Coco Chanel

Salvadoré Dali

Man Ray

These are just a few to name that will influence my research for a Streetwear Collection morphed with a 'Couture twist', produced with luxury fabrics and quality detailing throughout

A slight taster of whats to come:

.....keep em' peeled!