Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hattie doodled on our jacket

Recently we gave one of our jackets to illustrator Hattie Stewart to work her magic!

Her signature style, initially reminiscent of Keith Haring, took over the sleeves of our MB Biker, as we are quite subtle in what we do in terms of branding and print, it was nice to have Hattie add something unique to our garment. Thanks to Chloe at MY STYLIST SAYS for bringing us together.

Take a look.

Christmas wish list

From the last list I posted I did pretty well, few bits I got for myself, some from my lovely family and fiancée.

So here's the Christmas edition.

Crockett and Jones Malvern and Cavendish.

Lanvin Lapelle Pin.

Givenchy Riccardo Tisci T-Shirt.

House of Billiam Raglan Sleeve Tweed Suit.

Mackintosh x A Bathing Ape Coat.

Bass Weejun Layton Loafer.

Buzz Rickson Pea Coat.

Persol Folding Sunglasses.

Nike Mag McFly.

Christmas, the season of giving. :)

H.o.B x D.S.M

Ok well, when it comes to shopping and brands that I strive to sit alongside then I would say Dover Street Market is probably my favourite store in London, aswell as Liberty for its whole shopping experience, (CAKE).

So to do a collaboration with what is pretty much Comme Des Garcons, and to fit in with Rei Kawakubo's concept and direction is quite amazing. It would be the greatest achievement of my young Fashion career to date.

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Its nice to be respected by the people you respect the most.

Friday, 25 November 2011


Finally the papers came through, I now have a registered trademark. Now to do something with it..... :)

Brand name.


Ok so when we find somewhere nice to eat we tend to eat it every day until we get bored, our latest venture was The Crazy Pig Cafe on Hoxton Street, fresh produce, well cooked food is always good.

All American breakfast, is my food of choice. The layers of pancake, bacon, pancake, bacon, pancake drizzled in syrup is such a mouth watering combinaton supported by a toulouse sausage and perfectly poached eggs.

Its so good it was a 'no brainer' that would be where we took our Danish friends Lisa and Silas from Soulland

Nothing Crazy about this Pig.

Dressing the Streets.

We decided to do a series of viral videos, to get some attention in a clever way. A hint to what we do and style in which we work in, Kazim and Chris at Some Think Blue executed the vision perfectly.
Here is the first in the series, keeping lamposts warm in this chilled climate.

to B continued....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

House of Billiam x Vanita: Sir Mikey Snaps

We worked once again with Mikey Snaps of Vanita Modern Tailors, emphasis still on quality of fabrics, if you remember our previous pieces were made from brushed Scabal cotton.

This time we used a wool/cashmere herringbone, melton wool shoulder panel, nappa leather sleeves and Liberty print Tana Lawn lining. A wonderful combintaion.

Street Class.


Superette pop up Burger bar , you can expect... The big Pun Burger which includes Foie Gras and truffled Mayo , Skinny man Burger for the veggies and the Jodeci burger (roquefort cheese) its time to bring the burger out of the gutter and back to the heavens

A perfect way to start the weekend.


Stumble upon our Tumble

We decided to start our own Tumblr. Tumblr's are quite inspiring, especially if you love aesthetically pleasing objects and dont like to read too much.


We have featured in quite a few artists video over the last couple of months, the latest being Producer/Songwriter/Singer Labrinth's video Earthquake feat: Tinie Tempah.

You can see Labrinth wearing the House of Billiam MB Biker in Burgundy, styled by Ayishat and Louize, which can also be purchased HERE

Were shaking the World in a gentle way, wait for our Earthquake.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Im pretty happy right now, proposed to my beautiful girlfriend and she said yes. OF COURSE!! Well, she's only human ha ;)


Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The website is now live! Loaded with the 'pick your own' Varsity, we have also added a shop where you can go buy whatever you like, and lots of it!!

It will be constantly updated, withnew product. So keep checking back, on what is going on or even subscribe so you dont miss a thing.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

That funny feeling

You know when you get that strange feeling of overwhelming joy, similar to, I guess when you're a kid, tryin to get to sleep when you know your doing something amazing tomorrow, a form of anxiety but in a realy really good way, well there is only a few brands that give me that feeling. One of them is Nike.

I love Nike.

I PREDICTED back then when I thought the Nike McFly would release, it has been highly anticipated by sneaker heads for some while now.

A new video has surfaced suggesting it could be soon then I predicted.


Friday, 2 September 2011

British Brilliance

At House of Billiam we carry a very British aesthetic, we design,source and construct in the UK. British style is timeless and will last through the ages, it concentrates on quality and techniques that create some of the best shoes, suits, hats and accessories in the world, this short video by Louis Vuitton guides you through the classic ideology of British Menswear.


Thursday, 1 September 2011

That time of the year again.

Yep, almost another year older and 30 is now in my sights!!

Ticking on, but never get tired of wanting beautiful 'stuff'... here is this years list.

Givenchy shirt from 2010

Rolex Datejust

H by Harris Leather backpack

Custom signet ring

House of Billiam Knitwear

Nike Air Force 1 VT Pack

Bass Weejuns

Comme Des Garcons wallet

Mackintosh x A Bathing Ape

Trickers for Bureau

Soulland Baseball Fedora

Tom Ford Suit from 2009

Corporate Queen (in the bag)

Apart from the materialistic things that I desire and don't really need, I have everything I need. Wise words. Getting old.

Life is Good.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We Are HQ at our HQ.

Recently we had Denis and Ollie come to our studio and have a lovely conversation about House of Billiam as a brand and a little observation on how Thomas and I think, our interests and inspirations.

all images Ollie Adegboye

read the full conversation here at We Are HQ.

Monday, 22 August 2011

BOXPARK Collection.

The delayed opening of BoxPark, has been a slight blessing in disguise, aswell as getting all stock ready for the shops opening we have have been working hard on various projects and re-stocks in Japan due to a early sell-outs.

Its all coming together and is coming along nicely, with a bit of quality. Hopefully the collection will be onthe rails very soon.

October 24th (we hope).

Wise words from a decent woman.

Its simple.

Its all on you.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

XYE Clothing line.

We try to keep as busy as possible, if not I tend to start buying loads of stuff that is amazing but dents the bank account, as i'm saving for the big day its wise to keep busy.

So as well as House of Billiam I have been working/designing another clothing line. Art Deco inspired streetwear, but still focusing on cut and quality. It is available to buy now, and look out for it in Sincere's new video.

Mistake or for our sake?

We are always on the look out for fine fabrics. North. South. East. West. We sometimes stumble across some wonderful bargains may it be Harris Tweed double width for £5 a metre or Liberty cotton for next to nothing.

We came across some amazing Dormeuil suiting. However for some reason it had been coated in what can only be described as a heavy weight cling film. So for this reason it was being sold at a nice price.

We shall be using this for a special purpose. Keep your eyes peeled.

For our sake.