Wednesday, 30 September 2009

1....2...Freddys coming for you!

OHHHH dam! I thought I got away from this guy when I was in my younger years petrified to death, hiding behind burgundy velvet curtains in our family home.... sneaking around the curtain every now and again to remind my self why I was hiding. I would say Nightmare on Elm Street, Candyman and IT by Stephen King are 3 of the scariest movies I have seen. I was scarred from a young age. better lock your door!

Kids today...

I still consider myself quite youthful, but todays kids seem to be so much more knowlegdable and clued up on everything, in particular the girls, rather attentive to fashion, dressing and looking like their idols, its quite scary and some friends may say "jail-bait" and maybe they are growin up a little bit too quick. I think the internet generation has revolutionised this, whatever you need to know or need to look at is accessible by the world wide web.

A prime example of this, maybe a bit extreme, as this young girl is quite incredible within her thought process and equally inspiring through her passion for Fashion. Im talking about 13 year old Tavi Williams. Her blog Style Rookie has gained world wide recognition and has got her involved in circles she probably only dreamt of.

Style Rookie.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Stussy Skull Rug.

Need for my humble abode.

Please dont wipe your feet.

Trickers x Present

As I lost my beloved Red Wing boots a couple of months back I have been deciding on which she would replace them. Go for the same model again or maybe go for the Chukka.... until I saw the Junya Watanabe boot! A brogue style upper with a Vibram sole, hand crafted leather it was the perfect solution! One minor hitch it was £785!! So dreams shattered.... until I came across a new shop in Shoreditch, London called Present.

Part coffee shop part premium Urban street style clothing and accecories. They had collaborated with Trickers on a boot very similar to the Junya Watanabe one. It came in Red Brick, Olive and Navy. Take a peek!

Shoes :)

Thursday, 17 September 2009


A bit deep and emotional for a mid Thursday afternoon, but I came across these moving positive stories via Rawfit website, a simple message telling you "yes you can as long as you make up your mind" a positive outlook on life no matter what may come your way and make the best of what you have. A father and son whose positivite attitude, drive and determination shows anything is possible.

Yes you CAN.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Wizard

There is nothing better then old school films that take you to that moment in time where you was so impressionable and carefree.

The Wizard starring Fred Savage the guy from The Wonder Years, is one of them that makes me feel like a kid again. About a young boy who suffers from a mental disorder, but has exceptional talent in playing video games so they travel across America to play in the The World Video Game Championships!

You may remember the Nintendo Power Glove!

"You got 50,000 on Double Dragon?!"

Velvet wrapped

Martin Margiela has taken a regular shaped sneakers and wrapped them in a coating of velvet. Its an interesting concept and in particular I like the high top version, and the whole mono-tone-ness of the shoe.

Shoes glorious shoes!