Thursday, 24 June 2010

Out of thread

Well almost. Still some left to create more things.

We have been extremely busy working on a S/S 11 Capsule Collection. Almost complete, its looking quite brilliant!! We have continued the reversible aspect of House of Billiam clothing, using traditional fabrics and added staple pieces with a unique touch through the cutting or details.

Look book will surface later. A slight taster:

Spring Summer CHECK!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

We care about the young folks

One of our buddy's Ed Stephen, a dance teacher has been working within the community, with a group of kids on a contemporary piece of choreography. So he asked us to make them some splendid jackets for the show.

We opted with reversible varsity jackets each with their own colour lining apart from one who had a culmination of all 7 colours. Well done to Bendy as he sewed through the night to get these there on time.

They looked great on stage and show went really well. Check the press coverage here.

Children are the future. BIG UP HOXTON MASSIVE!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


A succesful element of a clothing label is branding, in your face or subtle. which ever may work for your target market... also lets people know what actual brand it is. Fashion is actually a business aswell as an art form and passion but its the money that helps a brand expand and the marketing strategy.

Anyway, we worked on a few bits for our branding, like George Foreman, we are very proud of our garments, we want everyone to know they are ours!!!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Its about that time. Apple iPhone 4 is almost upon us. Poor o2 staff im sure they will be bombarded with the same questions all day leading upto its release. I cant wait. I want it now. Rumours of a June 24th release!



You may remember the collaboration we did with Commonn the store in Northampton. Max 90 infra red inspired varsity and hoodie, well they were recently featured on Freshness Mag. They can also be bought on Commonns WEBSITE. With the re-re-re-re-rerelease of the Nike shoe it may be a good time to buy one.

images taken from FreshnessMag:


Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I have been buying every movie I can remember watching as a kid, been going crazy on Amazon! I recently bought D.A.R.Y.L which is an acronym for DATA-ANALYSING ROBOT YOUTH LIFEFORM! A movie about a young boy who escapes from the Pentagon and is fostered by a family, who soon realise he is an extremely special child! This may jog your memory, if not go out and get it!!

Nostalgia. The most powerful emotion.

Hard work

The world of Fashion never sleeps and nor do you ever rest. Its an ongoing process from one season to the next especially when you are a relatively unknown brand trying to get somewhere, somewhere near the top. It doesnt happen over night and I have slowly began too realise it will take 2 nights :)

We are currently working on Spring Summer 2011, there has been a few setbacks and we have had to put our ideas and creativity on the back burner to please a certain market. A mini collection that will consist of shorts, plus 4's, trousers, t-shirts, waistcoat, 4 pieces of outerwear and a bag. PHEW! Not much to do then.


" Hard work without talent is a shame, Talent without hard work is a tragedy" Robert Half

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

new kid on the block

The little man who we made the Varsity for sent us some pictures of him wearing far too busy playing with his crayons to pose, he looks rather dapper in his jacket. The girls at nursery wont know whats hit 'em! Check the skeleton undergarments!

Coolest kid in the playground.