Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween ensemblé

Inspired the boys from Cobra Kai. Karate Kid was the man but the shower curtain could be rather awkward gettin to the toilet. So I opted for the skeleton jumpsuit! Hope Mr Miyagi dont kick my arse!

"Sweep the leg Johnny"

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Home made

I find cooking kind of therapeutic. Being a big food lover I like to cook up a storm every now and again. Latest dish was my take on Wagamamas Chicken Katsu with the Japanese style curry sauce.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Irving Penn

Only recently have I discovered the work of Irving Penn maybe due to his recent publicised death on 7th October 2009.Penn worked for many years doing fashion photography for Vogue magazine, founding his own studio in 1953.

Clarity, composition, careful arrangement of objects or people, form, and the use of light characterize Penn's work. Each image has the ability to involve the onlooker in a deeper sense. I particularly like his black and white portraits. His still life has an element of Surrealism to its images.

As many great artists his work was ahead of his time, my philosophy for a genius almost.

"Photographing a cake can be art" Irving Penn

"theres no tigers in South America, ZOOLOGY"

Possibly my favourite Pixar film. UP.

It was incredible. The build up of emotion, the irony of Charles Muntz from hero to villain, the animation and detail as always, and just to add the newly developed 3-D experience. So good I went to see it twice. Amazing.


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ian Wright Wright Wright!

Being a man of very many talents :) I grew up playing professional Football for Leeds United, but the first team I supported at a young age, mainly due to one man was Arsenal!

Ian Wright, down to his goal scoring ability but also down to his charisma and the way he celebrated his glorious finishes! Eventually playin for Leeds and having a family full of Leeds supporters I leaned towards my Yorkshire roots!

Anyway I recently started playin again and invested in the boots I played in my so called glory years, Nike Tiempos, these boots are almost ten years old now so it was hard to track down the 1999 edition of these boots. eBay produced the goods:

Then came Gazza. Spurs and Puma Kings. :)

Couple of bits from Jimmy Choo x H&M

Jimmy Choo probably most well known for his beautiful hand made womens shoes has done a collaboration with high street store H&M, from the collection seen so far there are a few bits that I thought I might invest in. The plain grey pocket t-shirt, and the white shirt depending on the cut. The womens is not that great, in my opinion. There were a few pairs of womens shoes that I did like tho.

expect queues worldwide November 14th

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Penfield and Pendleton I feel are two very strong brands this winter. Pendletons collaboration with opening ceremony has some real nice pieces in it, and contrasting tartan panel shirts are the higlights not to mention the varsity which is rather special, the aztec style print is dope, and can be bought from Oki-ni.

SpongeBob SquarePants x MEDICOM TOY Bearbrick 400%

For all toy fanatics. This has to be in the bearbrick collection.

available at Collette

Friday, 16 October 2009

Will I go to Tokyo someday?

Mos- Definately!

A place I need to visit and maybe spend a good period of my life maybe? Mos Def one of my favourite mc's makes my mind clear and also shares my feelings towards Japanese culture. Why is it so much more aesthetically (yeah my current favourite word!) pleaseing, in almost every way. He is a deep, eclectic character and has an eccentric sense of fashion. Individual.

Regardless of what his brother says the electric blue studded jacket is dope. Im feeling blue right now all shades.


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Double Goosed!

Winter is upon us. This year it seems its going to be a cold one. Its all good as I have my Double Goose V Bomber jacket to keep me warm. I purchased a couple of years back, but today I went into Hip and noticed new colours. I thought I would try on the beautiful Olive/Pistachio coloured one. On first touch it felt so much more softer and definately a more supple leather to mine. It also weighed alot lighter and I could actually move my arms freely as opposed to the restricting one that I have.

I need it!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Maison Martin Margiela

As he is one of my favourite designers I eagerly await the release of the book. I know this will be so visually and aesthetically pleasing to me and has been pre-ordered at Amazon. Also inspired my Graduate collection research and the 'Bodice tee' which was part of the six outfit collection.

Bodice tee:

images from the book:

Due to release October 20 2009.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Penfield A/W 2009 releases

I recently saw some nice Penfield outerwear via Starcow, the puffa down jacket also featured last year, and this time round I may invest.

Gillets are also a definate must have for these up and coming winter months, I have seen a few but still want the YMC full leather one from many seasons back, or even a nice grey wool would suffice. A Pea coat is also essential as a timeless piece in ones wardrobe.