Sunday, 29 April 2012

Recent NEED.

Another pair of shoes, this time a Burberry number just over half a bag of sand, they are pretty pricey but extremely nice, lovely for the summer.

Woven leather uppers with a cork sole, so dope.

Be kind, keep me in mind.

RSMA-1 Jacket.

First piece of Clothsurgeon, since my graduation is done, it will come in two colorways and variations in fabric. A classic piece made in beautiful fabrics.

Will have some pics up soon.

The Beginning of the Beginning is here.


I recently met Hiroki Nakamura, the founder of Visvim. You when some people have that invisible glow around them suggesting that they are important and overly cool, well Hiroki had that in abundance. 
Real nice person, spoke better English then me, but thats not particularly hard. Also gave him a business card and asked any chance of a COLLABO! He didn't say no... :)


Project Biker.

We have an interesting new project lined up for the House of Billiam MB Biker jacket. Already confirming a few things on the project, we are hoping this will be pretty epic, but for now can't tell you too much, not due to the fact I'm trying to hype you with the suspense, but simply because I'm superstitious and don't what to jinx it!!

Its going to be good if all goes to plan. 

Biker. HYPER!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Talking on screen.

Is something I'm not great at but luckily Tom is, but also not a big fan of doing it. Fashion One came to get a bespoke piece made, and documented the whole thing.

We decided on the biker silhouette, keeping it high end with the use of fabrics, trims and details. Take a look:

Currently addicted to...

....not the gym unfortunately, but Portuguese tarts.
Not the women variety, but a delightful custard filled pastry. They go down so well!



Clothsurgeon labels arrived along with some wonderful fabric from Hally Stevensons, so its time to start working on the first few pieces for the Label. Expect Blacks, Greys, Navy, Cream and Burgundy as part of the first collections palette.

Have you subscribed?

Cool Runnings

We recently got asked to make a jacket for Usain Bolt, you know? The fastest guy in the World! So we found this quite exciting, our brief was simply to make it quite "Jamaicany"... so we did.

Using Yellow nappa leather sleeves, green melton wool body, gold pockets jets, bandanna pockets bags, and a flag to line the jacket, I think we created a piece that was not only "Jamaicany" but actually very wearable and not as garish as we imagined it would be.

This is for a photoshoot at Bob Marleys house.

Feel the Riddim, feel the Ride... Feel free to have a go at creating your own masterpiece here

Sometimes you lose....

Then sometimes you win.

I often make up pieces in my head that I think will be showstoppers or a desirable piece of outerwear, sometimes they don't always come out as planned but thats not often :)

The latest piece was a take on the classic A-2 Flight jacket. Making the jacket tonal and playing with the textures, involving cashmere mix ribbing, suede, nappa leather and a shearling collar, for me one of the nicest pieces so far.