Friday, 30 January 2009


Im a big admirer of common projects the simplicity of design, high quality fabric use, with subtle detailing makes it a very fresh looking sneaker. they recently dropped their Spring/Summer 2009 collection iwth the same design aesthetics and ideology.

common shoes for not so common people

Friday, 23 January 2009

Kanye x LV

Shoe number 2 from Kanye for Louis Vuitton. There are elements of this shoe that I love, the Monochromatic tonal, high quality leather and suede and details such as the monogram on the midsole. Im just not sure bout the suede panel on the upper kind of ruins the clinical design and makes it feel like there is too much going on, should of kept it cleaner.

2 womens sneakers also to add to the mix. The Tassle and Gold lacelock details are a winner!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Neil Barrett Fall 2009

This Abstract collection caught my eye and inspired a few designs for my final collection. A polo shirt stitched into another jacket gave the appearance of there being 2 garments but there was only 1, Surreal kind of element I will look into and expand creatively for an outfit.

The leggings that peeped out from under cropped pants were actually knit anklets also leather cable embossed jumper and blazer more at home with wool fabric was extremely innovative and unorthodox to the trained eye, in other words, nothing was quite what it seemed, the manipulation of porportions and familiarity was something that relates to Rei Kawakubo work on a regular basis, and similarities to my research.

see the whole collection HERE

Neil Barrett

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Chanel Guitar Bag

Id wear it even tho I dont play the guitar or own one!


Iconic Chanel style Quilted leather seen here in white/cream. It featured in Spring/Summer 2009 catwalk show, the guitar also comes in all black with white accents the bag is what you recieve it in.

Wait for the release in Chanel stores soon.


Saturday, 17 January 2009

NOWHERE @ Dover Street Market

Was quite an eventful trip a long journey from Leeds to Derby to London and I was only driver! I was Not too fussed about going but im glad I did!!

Gettin to DSM the queue was approximately 50 long. There was more 'Sharks' then in the Pacific ocean! The plan was you are given a raffle ticket to show at the door of DSM, you then write your message on a post-it on and attach to what ever page you want Nigo to write and sign on.


Then you resided to the basement where the NOWHERE pop up show was set up. Nigo was sat with a translator and seemed to be getting rather bored and irritated by the time we got there! He simply wrote Rav in a speech bubble and signed the book, which was a tad dissapointing as I wanted the whole message and his translator had to rush us on and I could not get my Super Ape Stars signed. NIGO kept all the Post-it messages for himself, they would create interesting imagery collated together, maybe a t-shirt print?
Following a brand religously for many years the whole Bathing Ape brand died out for me as it became so commercial and lost its underground appeal, not so much exclusive anymore but I kept the more sought after bits.

We then proceed to Wagamama's had the food and decided to a runner haha! Guilt caught up with me and the shouts of "POLICE WERE CALLING POLICE" made me stop in my tracks and hand myself in, the rest of the squad continued to run off! They eventually came back and we did a walk of shame back into the busy restaurant with all the customers shaking their head in disgust! haha

Neil being a Gimp doing pics for BBC Blog


Prav and NIGO

Malcolm and NIGO

Gettin gripped trying to make an exit from Wagamamas with no payement!


Thursday, 15 January 2009


Regarded as somewhat as a Genius the man behind A Bathing Ape will be doing a signing at DSM tomorrow at 7pm Friday 16th January. I am contemplating travelling down south to see him and get a book signed and an excuse to walk round DSM for an hour or so.

His nickname NIGO literally means "number two" in Japanese, refering to Hiroshi Fujiwara who had a influence on his ideology and work ethics, also nickname was giver due to the physical resemblance.

A diverse eclectic character also says his influences came from the likes of The Beatles, Elvis, Run DMC and Hip-Hop

NOWHERE will open again for a limited period of time in the basement of DSM from 17th January 2009 selling A Bathing Ape products and exclusive products made by Nigo and Jun together under the NOWHERE name."

An insight to his now lifestyle:

"I’m a Martian. I like to be different."

Lil WLil Wayne GQ Interview feat. Terry Richardson

Its been a good year for Weezy and its only going to get better.

"Speaking of Jupiter, you say on your records that you’re a Martian. What’s that mean?"

"Just out there, you know. Don’t like to think like everybody else, don’t like to try to think like everybody else, don’t like to do nothing everybody else think I’m gone do, don’t like to say nothing everybody else think I’m gone say."

read the full Interview here

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Rad Hourani

Inspiration for Creation!

monochromatic tonal.


A Tad of Rad.

I ♥ Latika!

Slumdog Millionaire...

English Director, Indian settings, close to both ends of my origin spectrums. Soundtrack also including M.I.A.

A true insight into the poverty stricken city of Mumbai, which I have experienced whilst on my travels there. The Begging, corrupt Police, child exploitation, this film touched me personally. A love story like no other go see it!

Freida Pinto

"MUM! Go to India and get me a wife!!"

My Swedish Santa!

Bit late on blogging this wonderful event!
Christmas eve board as hell at work, a rather slender gentleman arrives with a box of fabric! Surprised he could carry it to be honest, anyhow Christian and his wife kindly donated me a box full of treats, and as my final collection is comin up I was extremely grateful!!

Christian & Co.

Cool Kids. Must take after their mother!

Fil @ Ultimate Skin Tattoo.

Tattoos have usually recieved a negative response from the public, but this all seems to be changing. It is being appreciated more within society as a Body Art and takes a very skilled artist to perform a good tattoo.

Often associated with Punks, The Yakuza, Gang Identity it now seems to be recognised as a positive growing Art. It has become alot more commercial within the last few years and making it acceptable for people from all walks of life to get permanent ink applied to their body, and is very evident within pop culture today.

An addictive pain that. Which once you forget, you are planning the next appointment.

Fil @ Ultimate Skin has had a growing reputation in Leeds as one of the best Tattooists in the city over the last couple of years. Fils style is very Japanese and Traditional.

Na-Mus -Tay


Knowledge is Power

Fils fascination with Ron Burgundy

Custom Vans

"You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair."

More of Fils work:

"You stay classy, San Diego,"