Monday, 30 June 2008

N*E*R*D @ Koko

I shall be going!! Thanks to my boy Ste! and for free that aint bad...ROADDDD TRIPPP!!!
This wont be as mad as the Brixton one im sure as there is only 1000 tickets available, which were not for sale. Just available by bidding or won via iTunes.

SPAZZ if you want to!!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dancing Queen.

So we like to think we have a multi talented Family. From Golfers, Cricketers, Footballers, Designers and to most importantly Shopkeepers!
Another addition, is my young sister Sunita. Dancing from a young age she has won numerous trophies notably Champion of Yorkshire and also dances with the prestigous Phoenix Dance school. She dances all types of genres from Tap to Street.... but she mostly enjoys twisting them light bulbs at the family do's!!

I went to go see her perform in a competition held by Breeze. In my eyes she stood out dancing for Bennu Dance School but i would say that...

we eagerly await the result.....


"In an extraordinary collaboration, Louis Vuitton, the ultimate French luxury brand, and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, the ultimate fashion rebel, will open a joint Tokyo store in September — an ephemeral three-month space where six one-off bags, designed by Kawakubo in LV monogram pattern, can be ordered by shoppers".


Wednesday, 25 June 2008



make sure you watch this....

ridiculous what the human body can do.

la maison de bendie

House of Bendie is a self taught label. Using the finest wool fabrics for the outer and extremely eccentric linings to create one off pieces to your specification. Meaning you choose the combination:


In action:

To get a better insight of the worksmanship and fabrics check out the myspace

do it yourself BRICK WALL

So I love them walls in contemporary apartments that are all distressed and you can see the brickwork coming through. So i thought i would try and recreate this effect in my chambre à coucher!

click to ENLARGE:

oh it looks splendid. happy with my DIY skills, like taking a walk down Brick Lane :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Trivs Tash Watch: WEEK3

Its what you have all been waiting for. Week 3 of this facial hair growing extravaganza, and its looking ever so promising:

WEEK 3: There has been apparent growth, and the length of the hair is starting make the hair composition alot thicker and intense, there was premature shout of a TASH COMB, and is still somewhat unecessary. Week 4 may pose a different scenario.

the JOURNEY to BURGANDY continues....

Monday, 23 June 2008

its by HERMÉS.

Its rather special. custom made Haut a Courroies Tote in PURPLE crocodile skin.
This bag also inspired the BIRKIN (which is named after English actress, singer and film director Jane Birkin).

Hermés tote:

Jane Birkin by David Bailey:


This bacpack by Nike SB has more "functions then a swiss army knife". It seems to be based on the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear judging by the colorway.

This has seen more pockets then Stephen Hendry at the Crucible and imagine the PO-PO looking for your GREEN whilst wearing this.

'ERRRRRM its in the pocket officer'

Nice concept and I heart TOY STORY and Pixar.


Whatd you do last night?

I can feel the city breathin.....HiP-Hop night needed. coming soon.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Sorry this aint gonna McFLY!!

This is somewhat a sore subject. Since the release of Back to the Future II in 24 November 1989 (yes exact date), i have deeply desired the shoe worn by Marty McFly, titled the Nike McFly, there have been petitions and millions have signed for Nike to release this futuristic looking shoe...from 2015. These were only used as props in the movie and not an actual wearable shoe.

Anyway, ok so they wont self lace, or light up, but make the model Nike make the dam model!!!

To add insult to injury they have now released the hyper dunk the same colorway as the McFly, but not quite there. A poor mans McFly. Why? Why not just go the whole way???

My prediction: Nike will release these in 2015. With a whole load of hype.

you heard it here first :)

meanwhile go sign the petition:

A shop called WOOD.

Will be open from tomorrow 10 a.m. You may have seen there shop in Manchester, they have now expanded. Opening in Huddersfield tomorrow carrying all the top streetwear brands, get down there early and check the goodies.

image by KAI & SUNNY for WOOD.


profiteroles were ridiculous! the hot crispy delicous outer containing ice cold cream, was pure brilliance upon my taste pallet!
my name in Japanese:

The Colour Purple.

I do love the colour Purple. So when my Philisophical friend Bendy found this purple blazer i was thrilled with excitement.

this is extremely splendid because:

1) Its purple

2) Its vintage Versace

3) It was bought from British Red Cross (doing my bit for charity)

4) It was originally from SAKS FIFTH AVENUE

5) It fits like a dream!

"In modern times, purple is often associated with homosexuality."

Im OLD SCHOOL so fuck that quote!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

OH Boooo cant make it!

but i know a dear friend who did! Monster Jandu took a few pics:

"he half smiled and my heart melted"

nice one Monster.x


Streetwear giants STUSSY and NEIGHBOUHOOD have come together to bring you a Project titled: "BONEYARDS' is a collaboration between friends from Tokyo to Los Angeles inspired by a real geopgraphic location by a way of mythical time & place."

The boys at Stussy Store are launching the Collection this Friday, 20th June, from 6pm-9pm at the London Stussy Store. If you’re in the area take a visit

I much prefer the Terminator from this pack, but if not for the shoe head down for the free beer.

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out

Im loving these sk8 hi. Classic checkboard all over shoe in various size checks. dope.

Monday, 16 June 2008


There has been alot of excitement leading up to this gig. N*E*R*D live in Brixton. my 5th time seein them live. This proved to be the best. Maybe did not play enough of the new album but the classics killed it!!! sweatin like 'Gary Glitter in a playground' as the air con had gone, me and my boys moshed for a strong 2 hours. incredible.

Complimentary 5* hotel, queue jump :) and a whole load of banter... made this one of the best days I have ever had!!!

the Government sound like BITCHES to me!