Friday, 29 June 2012


Stag tee's arrived.

you can probably see my obvious design graphics influence. No? Well Supreme front box logo, and Stussy font on the back....

pretty happy with the outcome. Lets see what they will be covered in by the end of the Stag.


Hypebeast Video coming soon....

Santiago from Hypebeast popped by the studio to film our Bespoke process of making a varsity.

Video coming soon.

House of HYPE.

On and On.

Recently we had an interesting guest at the Studio, somewhat Hip-Hop royalty from the Golden Age of the music , producer of tracks such as Notorious B.I.G One More Chance and Busta Rhymes WOO HAH and all-round cool guy.

Rashad Smith is on tour with Erykah Badu and dropped by to get a an MB Biker Jacket made, and also drop off an exciting project, an official Space Jam jacket he wanted us to rework the garment, free reign, we could go crazy, as soon as I saw it I had made my mind up what I wanted to do with it.

Rashad kindly shared a few amazing stories, but very modest in regards to name dropping as he could go on all day... 

Obviously then invited us to Erykah's show that night at Hammersmith Apollo, it would be extremely rude not too! So we did.

amazing. REAL THANG.

Friday, 15 June 2012


On his recent visit to the UK, Asap Rocky stopped by the studio after hearing about us from a few different sources. 

Arriving in a blacked out Mercedes, which complimented his own look, he was pretty laid back and real easy to talk to.

We discussed various things, and he and his manager Geno loved what we were doing. Describing House of Billiam and Clothsurgeon as 'TRILL SHIT', he instantly fell in love with the leather sleeved ClothSurgeo sweater and didn't take it off, he performed in it later that night as well as an ivory H.o.B Varsity.

Im sure we will be meeting/working together again :) 


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Test shoot...

We did a test shoot some time ago for our Autumn Winter 2012 Collection.

Tom and I worked very hard to put the collection together, aswell as designing for other labels and sorting out pretty much everything between the two of us, it was a strong push to get this in ready for Jacket Required. 

We managed it, as we always do and I personally think it looks dope, maybe a slightly biased opinion? :)

A location shoot will be coming soon.

Styled by Rav Matharu 
Photography by Ryan Warner 
Make up by Mary-Jane Gotidoc 

Its a wrap.

I recently styled my first video, working with Sincere on a playful, surreal feel, set in the heart of East London, my adopted home. 

It was directed by the guys at Nice&Polite, Luke and James, which means the outcome will be pretty strong.

We tried to achieve a aspirational, highend street wear look that still appealed to Sincere's fan base. Aswell as using super brands, my label Clothsurgeon made a significant appearance along with XYE clothing, Sincere's label designed by Tom and I at House of Billiam.

It was a great day, amazing weather and great people.

Few behind the scenes pics:

Its a wrap.


Sometimes, as a new brand you need to tell people what it is they are admiring :) so I took it upon myself to brand a few items that I will be releasing this Autumn Winter, this branding most likely won't make production stage and remain as promotional items, promoting myself to the public.