Saturday, 25 June 2011

Miracles do happen

If any of you know Thomas aka Bendy you will know his image is not on the top of his priority list!!
He tends to where the same clothes until they are not wearable anymore, you may remember when I used him as a guinea pig, to naturally distress my jeans. HERE and HERE.

Well, Bendy decided to treat himself to a Wings+Horns sweater after a very positive meeting in central. Purchased from Present.

The start of an Industrial clean up? we can only live in HOPE.

Levi Roots takeover!!

Since his epic performance on Dragons Den that won the heart of all the people watching and the Dragons, Levi has gone from making gallons of sauce in his own kitchen to being on everything and anything that you could think of.

Its probably due to the fact the guy is so likeable and marketable, whatever it is he has branded or collaborated, you are guaranteed to at least try/buy it once. Good marketing.

the latest thing I seen, and bought of Mr Roots:

So nice I named it twice. Levi Roots

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fabric Quality.

We recently did a collaboration with Dutch Tailors Vanita .
They supplied the fabric. Being people in the Industry they posted over some amazing Scabal cotton.

The pieces came out extremely nice, and better in person as then you can feel the quality of the fabric.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nike making things hard right now.

So recently I tried convincing myself that i'm not going to keep buying shoes and should save for 'proper things' .... but recently Nike have been dropping some pieces that I dont think I can resist, or stop thinking about. The Air Flow was one, that I blogged about earlier this month but they now will be releasing them in a tonal black colorway with a white midesole. Beautiful.

I love tonal and that colour combination on most shoes. Aswell as these the vintage Blazer colorways are real strong and also the introduction of the Hyprfuse technology in an Air Max 1 OG colorway.
Generic Modification, Brilliant.

Heres a few pics of what I hope will be gracing my feet soon. My friends at Nike Energy marketing hook a brother up!

Let me save for these proper things!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

T&F Slack Shoes

As we are opening a store, we decided to expand into different areas other then just clothing.

I approached a British shoe company, to talk about a collaboration. On meeting the Bespoke shoe makers T&F Slack , I realised that there approach to shoe making was similar to our garment making. Both made in the UK, both giving the option to choose your own colours and fabrics, both have really lovely people working behind the brand, anyway we thought it would be a great story and collaboration.

The shoe shape we wanted to work with was the 5 hole Derby, a greatsilhouette.The shoe is extremely lightweight using nappa leather outer and a microfibre rubber sole which for me gives it that nice streetwear element to it, and extracts the overly smartness of the shoe. We did not want to change it too much, but add a House of Billiam personality to it.

They also do custom bikes, we got a little tour of their workshop.

A few ideas we put together for the samples to be made.

Refined streetwear steps.

Japan AW11

So we have established after 4 seasons in Japan that they are the hardest to please when it comes to manufacture quality, at first we thought maybe they are looking for sneaky discounts here and there as they would complain about things that no way would warrant a complaint of any nature.

We gradually became to realise it's the high standards that they maintain and are so regimented, militant about the products quality. It has made us step up our game in the quality control area of things and maintain a superior finish to our clothing.

Well it is sitting next to the likes of Lanvin and Balenciaga ;)

AW 11 is almost packed up and ready to go:

Were turning Japanese, we really think so.