Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Don't worry this is not in anyway a hostile post, just trying to be clever, refering to a great steak restaurant I recently went to.

Gaucho's. Argentine Steak House you are offered the finest cut of Beef. The decor maybe a little over the top and obvious, as your surrounded by cowhide on the chairs and up the walls, but still creates a nice ambience. Was a nice occasion and thoroughly enjoyed with 3 of my favourite people.

Alot at Steak.

On the road.

Whilst driving back to my hometown of Leeds, Yorkshire, born and bred may I add.

I saw a wonderful automobile. The DeLorean DMC-12, also recently found out that it was made in Northern Ireland, but obviously made famous by the movie Back To The Future. I would love this car, but only a part of a fleet, more of a novelty, nostalgia piece.

excuse the picture quality, I had an amateur in the passenger seat ;)

Remember my prediction. CLICK ME.


Currently we are just working on new product, and sourcing certain fabrics, and looking at quality UK based manufactures, to push the brand and its British aesthetic.

This is all in preparation for BoxPark, the first Pop-Up mall, being only 1 of 4 new Brands to get a place we will be surrounded by the likes of Nike, Alexander McQueen, Levis to name a few so we are extremely excited about this prospect.

Our shopfit will soon follow, and I will keep a visual diary of this ongoing process. We have to decorate a 8ft x 40ft steel shipping container. Dieter Rams comes to mind. Minimal, less is more, generic modification is going to be the design brief.

"Before anything else, Preparation is the key to success"
Alexander Graham Bell

Currently addicted to....

Raspberry Mojito's. I have an intense sweet tooth, and a fan of citrus fruits, in particular Lime. So this cocktail goes down so well. Perfect combination right now, although very slightly feminine.


We recently stumbled across another nice bargain.

46m Single width 14oz selvage denim, for a remarkable price of, wait for it......

£3 per metre! We do enjoy a bargain especially when the quality of the fabric is worth a great deal more. I cant reveal my source as you may then get there before us ;)

We are going to do a numbered release of overshirts, which will be in stock at our debut store opening September 1st, Boxpark, Shoreditch, London, but the problem came when we was thinking of how to finish, top stitch this piece, still undecided we thought it would be better to sleep on it.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Twitter me this Twitter me that.

Im finally going to join the world of Twitter, well I have been on it for a while, but forgot my password and never really got into it anyway....

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Relishing a Retro

So amongst all the mayhem and busy times, i thought i'd take a little time out my wonderful opinion.
Well I have not been overly excited about the release of an OG Nike shoe for a while, but as soon as I saw the retro of the Nike Air Flow I instantly got that tingle and pause of breath that all sneaker fans can relate to, or just imagine something you materialistically love. You get the idea.

The colorways are OG also which is always nice to see, and the silhouette of the shoe is so nostalgic and perfect, I really hope it does not disappoint in the flesh.

Go with the FLOW.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


So, as I was saying, we have had some important meetings and collaborations coming up. By the title of this blog you may know what this is about. If not then i'll let this video explain.

Its quite a big step for us, exciting and nerve racking at the same time not to mention the amount of work that is involved... we will have an interesting concept running through the store. Which will all be revealed soon, when we actually finalise our ideas!

We will be surrounded by some high profile brands, so its quite flattering to have been given a space, lunchtimes will be pretty fun too.... fully loaded salt beef bagel!

Thinking outside the BOXpark.