Thursday, 28 July 2011

XYE Clothing line.

We try to keep as busy as possible, if not I tend to start buying loads of stuff that is amazing but dents the bank account, as i'm saving for the big day its wise to keep busy.

So as well as House of Billiam I have been working/designing another clothing line. Art Deco inspired streetwear, but still focusing on cut and quality. It is available to buy now, and look out for it in Sincere's new video.

Mistake or for our sake?

We are always on the look out for fine fabrics. North. South. East. West. We sometimes stumble across some wonderful bargains may it be Harris Tweed double width for £5 a metre or Liberty cotton for next to nothing.

We came across some amazing Dormeuil suiting. However for some reason it had been coated in what can only be described as a heavy weight cling film. So for this reason it was being sold at a nice price.

We shall be using this for a special purpose. Keep your eyes peeled.

For our sake.

A Little of What You Fancy.

We had a experimental Lunch trip today venturing up the road to A Little of What You Fancy.

Must say it fulfilled the hype, I opted for a chicken mayonnaise sandwich, yes I know relatively boring and safe, but it was the most delicious chicken sandwich I have had! Better then a McChicken Sandwich after a night out boozing! Fact.

Oh, you fancy huh?

New Studio!!

This was possibly the most exciting thing ever!!! We have definitely outgrown out tiny space in the heart of Hackney, so we decided to move upstairs in the same building, the room being 3 times as big and..... wait for it. IT HAS WINDOWS!!


True bespoke

We have customers all shapes and sizes, which is great as it puts what we do to the test, creating nicely fitted garments for people small, medium and big!

Bendy constructed a traditional House of Billiam Hoody, using super 140's pinstripe suiting and satin/silk lining. This was made in a 58" chest! Definately the biggest we have ever done!

Came out great. With additional elbow patches and nicely matched up lines.

When bendy tried it on, it reminded me of Tom Hanks in Big. When he returns home and turns back into a kid.

No job to BIG.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I spy, with my little eye.

We have been in a few music videos of late, the different genre's of music really show how versatile our brand is.

The bespoke element of our brand is important, we do it exclusively in street wear, and gives us the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, we have an eclectic mix of customers and we consider ourselves as eclectic personalities with an attentive eye, for things we like and not what is considered cool and 'trendy'. This is the basis of our design process.

the videos:

Something beginning with H.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Inside Out Re-cap

Was a wonderful night, the set up was great and so was the turn out. Intended on being sober but it a bit crazy towards the end of the night, drinking a shot that I can only describe as a room temperature, chilli/spicy, pot-noodle with a dash of vodka.

Met some great people, especially The Islington Twins, who were extremely knowledgeable and very positive, and at one point described me as a mastermind. Who am I to argue with their wise words ;)

Big shout out to the crew at YOUTH CLUB


Soon come.

The lookbook has finally been shot, and by a lovely talented gentleman called Samuel John Butt.

The 8 looks looked great and I am as eager as you to see the finished article.

Thanks to all the participants!

Friday, 8 July 2011


BAAAHHH 100% wool jumper samples arrived today. we are happy with them. The sheep did well.

The lookbook is shaping up nicely, 9 looks I am thinking to go with are pretty strong the colour palette consists of greens, navy, burgundy, putting the looks together myself I tried to find a balance of what we do, and a flow throughtout.

Lookbook is gonna' be Billiant!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

SS12 Personal Favourites.

S/S is not my favourite season im more of an A/W man. However there was a few collections I was a fan of for one reason or another. Here's a look from each of them.


Nike 1948

Nike 1948 finally re-opened. I eagerly anticipated the opening of the concept store located in heart of Shoreditch, thats slightly tucked away on Batemans Row.

The store has new longer opening hours, and a totally new shopfit, which is surrounded by interesting stories and thought out procedures throughout. For example the floor is made from recycled shoe soles, rubber burnt down and re-created into a cushioned floor.
Not a profit driven store the product is minimal but higher end.

Few pics and I may of picked up a little treat.

Swoosh. There it is.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

We have a Party.

We did a collaboration with PYMCA, an Image Rights organistaion we was given license to put an image of our choice into the jacket. So to celebrate how brilliant we both are we are having a party.

Come along should be a wonderful event.

click the INVITE

AW11 Collection

We received samples of various garments we have developed for our debut store collection.

Sorry, but I can not show you images just yet, we are doing a lookbook very soon and it will be all coming to the newly developed website.

under construction/upgrade/re-furb whatever you may want to call it.

coming soon.

T&F Slack Shoes developement

After receiving our first set of samples, we realised a few things. We need alot more development to get the desired shoe. Being a nice silhouette as it is we just wanted to add subtle details to the derby.

Second samples came back. They were wonderful, one is almost ready to put into production while the other style just needs a slight tweak and we are good to go!

few sneak peaks:

Almost there.

What we Do

The people at Threads TV took a little time out to see why he have been gently shaking the world of UK Streetwear recently. Look at the dynamic duo, both in need of a shave.

HI MOM! im on TV!

In Search of.... John Lobb.

I have been after the perfect dress shoe for a while now, and seen as some of the best shoemakers in the world are on my doorstep in Northampton, we took a trip down.

I saw the perfect pair, on a forum and thats what I was going to hunt down, but the shoe was released in 2006 so may prove difficult to get:

Unfortunately did not have my size. Oh well the search continues. Saw quite a few other random items on my visit, was a nice stay and definately recommended, if only for the shoe factories.

Oh well the search continues.