Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In House production

Due to our manufactures, based in the UK having a whole heap of production going on, we decided to sew in house and get the pieces to the customer on time as we always try to promise.

Its sometimes nice to get back on the machine to create a bespoke put together by our lovely customers.

here's a few sewn in the last week:

Made in Hackney.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

We recently got invited to the Disturbing London Studios, being down the road from us we took a gentle stroll to see Dumi and the crew. We intend on working together very soon.

Domestic Disturbance ;)


I decided to create a Varsity for the upcoming tradeshow Jacket Required, to show the many options you have when putting together a bespoke piece. We havn't done accurate maths but there is over a million combinations, its pretty much limitless, as there are so many fabric options. It can get quite tricky for the indecisive man, who tends to go all black, or get quite a few, the latter being me.

Here is the one we put together, we tried to make it quite ridiculous, but even with all panels being a different color or pattern it was still quite wearable.

what can you come up with? OPTIONS HERE.