Saturday, 23 August 2014


A collection dedicated to my favourite sport, and also Brazilian legend.

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, better known as Garrincha, the little bird, the joy of the people, the angel with the bent legs, some say better then Pele....

Incredible dribbler of the ball, however his off the pitch lifestyle led to a short career and life... It seemed right to pay homage to a great.

The print is based on the sands of the Brazil beaches, a magnified image, then adjusted to fit the colour palette of the collection. Fabrics used Irish Linen, Lambskin leather, lightweight neoprene, ripstop nylon, and mesh nylon. Look book images framed with a Panini sticker influenced border.

Alegria do Povo.


The good people at Hypebeast did an 18 page editorial spread on the brand.
Aswell as featuring The Cultured Sportsman collection shot by Ravi Sidhu, I did an interview, talking of my sporting background and how my work has a strong sports influence.

Who better to have on the cover then one of the all time greats, Michael Jordan, someone whose product paved the way for my love of shoes, design and fashion, i'm not talking about his personal fashion sense, OH NO.

It led me to look at the work of Tinker Hatfield, and how he went about his design process.

Hypebeast Magazine Issue 7. The Legacy Issue.

make sure you GRAB a copy.

Reading list.

Every time I commence a collection, It starts with research. Reading, and developing initial ideas, deciding fabric use and details, stripping it back, keeping it clean.

less but MORE.

its the SURREAL DEAL...

AW15. Shocking Pink.

Research, design, sample, minimalize, perfect.

WANT list....

The thing about a want list is that it never really ends, and the things I add on here are extremely materialistic. I know by getting these things it will make give me a superficial happiness, but a super official style. A cultured materialistic man if you will...

 grateful for what you have, and work hard for what you WANT.

Its been a long time...


This must be longest period I have gone without blogging, I have been constantly telling myself I should, its the same thing with the gym... same as in I never do either, but once Im there, I love it.

So Im back in.

So much has happened i'm unsure where to start.

I am now on first name terms with Mr Nasir Jones, (personal highlight) I have had some incredible people reach out to me and say they love what I am doing, I have released a few collections, the brand is coming up to its second Birthday, England disappointed at the World Cup, India are disappointing in the Cricket, I am being gifted nice things, and also buying nice things, I have been working on bespoke constantly, I have been working on a huge push for aw15, while thinking of AW14 capsule collection.... my wife is ACE.

It doesn't really stop.

Its not really work when you love it, however there are ups and downs.

let the journey continue, and I will remain being honest, hard working individual to try achieve all my goals and ambitions.

click HERE for a summary of all events I have not blogged about.

......I shouldn't of left you.

Monday, 27 May 2013


A childhood icon, up there with Jordan.

Returns to Nike.

so I wore a piece dedicated to A.A. Some Nike Denim, from the glory years.


Nas. Clothsurgeon. Its Important.

Very Important.

This happened.

I met Mr Nasir Jones, probably, arguably the best Hip-Hop MC of all time. Its so nice to be meeting legends, doing and being appreciated for something that i'm passionate about.

I measured him up at the London Show and also gave him a piece I made from judging his physical stature from images. The pieces fitted great and he wore it straight out the Dressing Room, to the meet and greet area. The show was sold out and was incredible, playing new and old tracks, taking me back to my youth.

Quality always stands the test of time.

Life is Good.

Generic Modification.

I have said this has always been my champion approach to design, and the 1970's first string Converse Chuck Taylor are an example of that.

Modification being: A heavy weight canvas, vintage logos, high rubber brands, winged tongue construction, 100% cotton laces and vintage box, 

To most this may seem just like a standard Converse, but too many that know there is so much more substantial to this classic, timeless shoe. Luckily, Converse were kind enough to send me a box of products.


Saturday, 13 April 2013

WANT List.

I keep trying to convince myself I have quit the sneaker game, Im not buying clothing because I can make most pieces myself, but as they say bad habits DIE HARD.

call me John McLane. 

need a clear out.


Its great to get interest from stylists for various shoots, we recently featured in Vibe, Wonderland, WAD Magazine. Here are the snaps respectively.


Recent Bespoke

The beauty of Bespoke, is you can have it the way YOU WANT. There has been alot of interest and alot of interesting and also subtle changes to classic pieces. A few images of the pieces made.

Make whatever YOU WANT.