Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Possibly my favourite street artist, possibly I say. He started to paint illegally on New York's subway in the early seventies. More recently, he is a successful graphic designer and gallery artist.

He worked with Ben Drury and James Lavelle for Mo-Wax records, designing the artwork for the company and its whole art direction and also for UNKLE.

He was also part of trio BSF- Bleu, Stash and Futura.

His distinctive style and abstract approach to Graffiti is one of the main reason I like his work. He has collaborated with such labels as Nike, Zoo York, Subware, Maharishi and also has his own street fashion label Futura Laborotaries. This transition from artist to fashion design is also a subject that intrests me and will be a focus of what i will look at when writing my dissertation.

here is some of his work:

December 2007 a Graffiti mural was found in Manhattan in a run down building which was been knocked down they found this inbetween the walls. Artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy and Futura 2000 had all made marks on this building which was rumoured to have there work on some wall hidden within in the premises. Futura was only 16 when he tagged this wall.

A 'HOLY GRAIL' and it is a testament to the underground culture. This is incredible imagine finding this piece of history!
This would be Like finding Tutankhamun's skull in your back yard DUDE!!

a real life 'URBAN LEGEND'!!! but true!

It was exhibited at SoHo building's Gallery 151.

Futura also features in John Mayer's new video Waiting On The World To Change

Neil Bedford Photography

An urban/street inspired Photographer has worked for the likes of Nike to Stussy. Only recently graduated from University of the Arts London with first class honors he has an impressive list of clients. I admire his work as he seems to share many of the same interests and works amongst people who I regard as bein in my sub-culture so to speak.
A talented photographer BIG on the street scene in London and often used by Gimme5, he is growing in stature and boasts a proud CV. Currently doing freelance work he has also been accepted onto the MA at University of the Arts London.

Neil also recently collaborated with i-D Magazine Stepping Stone issue. Which was based around huge street artist KAWS so neil was an obvious choice to help collate a few pages for this iconic magazine.

Defintely a website well worth adding to your bookmarks and making it a daily check.

HOON 2008 Fall Collection

This Parisian label caught my eye, significantally cause of the use of PURPLE and LEATHER. Attention to little details such as gold zips and rivets also the paneled leather similar to Double Goose leather puffa jackets from the 80's.

Detailing is key and takes it to a luxury streetwear brand especially with the use of material:

their jewelerry aint too bad either.

Monday, 28 July 2008


Take a look at what this guy found in his back yard!


Genius upon Genius.

I shall be basing my Final Collection and Dissertation upon Genius from all genres may it be Film, Music, Photographers, Politicians, Artists, Philosophers, Leaders and of course Fashion. I aim to cover all areas and minimalise it to the most inspirational few. What makes a genius, and who decides they are genius within their work and what they do. People who i regard as genius and also the general publics view upon that person who is regarded as a genius.

few faces I will research:


Music is Magic.

Music is a magical thing... how certain songs take you back to eras of your life may it be happy or sad, the Nostalgic power it holds and the how it can change your mood and play with your emotion is an incredible thing.

Heartbeats by The Knife taken from DEEP CUTS album has a certain hold on my mindstate whenever I hear it.

that sounds all a bit cheese! listen to the track!!!

It was later covered by José González and used in SONY Bravia advert:

which is your favourite version?


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Nardwuar Serviette

Possibly the best interviewer ever!

He often points out my theory that Nostalgia is the most powerful emotion, He was brought to my attention via my yout Lee. His ability to stun his interviewees with his collectors item gifts that would hold a very sentimental value to the artsist or group is incredible. How he has obtained these and the length he has gone to research his subject is pretty dope. His interview manner and attire often throws the artist off, but his knowledge and collectors pieces takes the interview to a next level.
he has pretty much covered all genres of music and many top artists.

check him out on youtube NardwuarServiette

keep on rocking in the free world.



VANS Lacey

Carrying on from the nautical theme, after the Zapato Del Barco which i did not really like the finish of, vans release the Lacey which is basically a slip on with additional laces, as a boat shoe would have. Im into this and shall be adding to my evergrowin vans collection. Especially in this colourway.


Silver Spoon Attire

Silver Spoon Attire first caught my eye in 2007 when I saw one of their garments in Nylon magazine. The trump jacket, which i thought they had took the original puffa bomber jacket and re-inevnted it with their quirky twist and use of high quality fabric.

The duo Avigail Levine and Damian Collins both seem to be old school enthusiasts and take inspiration from Nas to the Talented Mr Ripley.

Avigail recently graduated from Istituto Marangoni with a stunning collection. Made from leather, suede, sheer organza she created some incredible layered, structured pieces, a real strong collection.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

At least it went to a good cause.

Thrift store bargain hunting conisseur Bendy regularly comes across some incredibly cheap finds! So when he told me he found some Nike Dunk 'Heineken' SB or Red Star for legal reasons for a grand total of £4.80 I was somewhat dubious but optimistic at the same time.

They were recieved in the post today.

Unfortunatley. They happened to be fake. Dodgy midsole and the size tag initially gave it away. But to the un-trained eye these could easy pass for £300 kicks.

Im not going to lie I was a tad upset as I thought they would be legit, and pre-arrival I was making up stories in my head as how they could of got to Cancer Research Store.

Oh well.

Just call it Charity work.

Monday, 21 July 2008


This is an original concept of a Ring that could control the playback functionality of your I-Pod / I-Phone device wirelessly. It uses the bluetooth technology and is USB powered.

another clever concept from apple

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Trivs Tash Watch: THE CLIMAX!

I know you are all wondering whats goin on with Triv's tash. has it grown? has he shaved it? has he got that wonderful Ron Burgandy composition above his upper lip?

The last time you may have seen the progress was in week 3 there was not much to play with! But oh behold!!! there has been incredible growth over this 4 week period!

He has been constantly had the piss taken by work colleagues, friends and even strangers in the street passing by thinkin he was a Borat stunt double. But Triv continued to grow not conforming to peoples thoughts

well here it is:


Journey to Burgandy has been accomplished.

He has many leather bound books.

Friday, 18 July 2008

André Lauren Benjamin

Also known as André 3000 is officially my favourite MC. His unique style and formidable Rap flow makes him my firm favourite, he promotes clever Hip-Hop and not so much of this gangster thuggish bullshit, and armed with an natural quirky classy stylish edge makes him less mainstream and more of an acquired taste to Hip-Hoppers.

His latest project I have seen is with Kanye West, Fonzworth Bentley and SaRa. He is blatantly the MVP of this group “C.O.L.O.U.R.S.” (An acronym for Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Raw Style) his verse is totally dope.

A definate Rat Pack inspired video and get up this is fresh and hope there are more tracks to come, from this fresh edge alternative hip-hop conisseur.

You can listen to this dude all day. Did you also know he had a child with Erykah Badu and is also a vegan. You learn something new every day.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

BIG Trouble In Little China.

My freind Alex departed to China for 3 months, creative mentor, studio buddy and dear friend left with work to take care and supervise the production rooms in Nanjing. Its hard to adapt to a whole new culture and way of living but, Alex seems to be loving her time there although she complains about missing me and food treat adventures we used to go on, but hey SHE'S ONLY HUMAN, im a missable character, she is doing well and excelling in her position.

After a hard days work she settled down to a light Chinese massage!!!

miss ya love. look forward to seeing you!x

Nostalgia: The Most Powerful Emotion?

"Oh my god! do you remeber that?!!"

when I hear that quote it kind of sends a little shiver down my spine and puts an instant smile on my face. Seeing something that reminds me of being a kid, really does make me feel giddy!

I know the 80's trend has been such a big FAD recently but that will come and go but that era from the mid 80's to early 90's will have a strong hold and influence on me from the way I dress to the music I listen to. Hence the love for Vintage kicks and Starter caps to Public Enemy and Tribe Called Quest.

as an emotion. its real powerful.


the story of my og Jordan VII .

My parents broke up when i was 7, save the violins cause this story gets happy. So the good thing about this was each parent tried to better eachother in the form of material things.

So when my Old man bought me the Jordan VI Blk/Infra red when I was 10 (my favourite shoe to date), my Old Dear had to better this, so she went out and bought me a spanking pair of Jordan VII. I was ecstatic! 2 Pairs of fresh Jordans while the rest of my peers were wearing Arrow and Matchstick. Just to brag my superior footwear I would wear the AJ6 to school while the AJ7 was chillin in a box in my backpack!

I was blatantly top boy getting all the ladies in the playground.

The best thing is I have had the Jordan VII since the age of 10, fresh in box.
It takes alot for a kid not to rock his new kicks nevermind saving them for 15 years. never worn. This colourway has never been retro'd which makes it that much more worthwhile.

this is my most prized sneaker:

Starter caps


Me (Rav) chilling with the local Coke dealer......

.....say NO TO DRUGS.


Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Stanley Kubrick Season: A Life In Pictures

Now on more4.

See the world through the eyes of a genious. From Lolita to Full Metal Jacket he directed a number of highly acclaimed and sometimes controversial films. Kubrick was noted for the scrupulous care with which he chose his subjects, his slow method of working, the variety of genres in his movies and his reclusiveness about his films and personal life.

this scene from The Shining spooks me out everytime! watch the video!!

Genius number 2.

STUSSY Livin' Extra Large

A video has surfaced on Youtube of a Stussy campaign from the 80's. What Shaun Stussy began as a low key punk rock inspired surf label has now turned into a worldwide phenomena and here are two films which take you back to the early years.
If i ahve a favourite streetwear brand then Stussy is that, these videos show where the initial inspiration came from. The Roots.

Shawn speaking:

Kanye x ABSOLUT Vodka advert

I quite like this advert. Pretty dope. His facial expressions crack me up! Feed this mans ego!!! And the fact the background track is Truth or Dare featuring Kelis from N*E*R*D first album In Search Of makes it that little bit better.

Thats a foooookin BARGAIN!!!

"I cant go shopping I have no money".


Few bits Bendy picked up on his Thrift Store Adventures.

YSL Blazer £4

Raf Simons last season shoe £2

Redskins STARTER cap 50p!!!

we shall not reveal the location as that would be cheating.


also there were rumours this bendable character found Nike Dunk "Heineken" SB for £4.

we will await the postman to see if they are real!


The Surgery. Coming SOOOOOON!

Flutes You Sir!

Live from The Bighouse in Leeds, another preview of Laura J Martin's all singing, all stomping one-woman live show.

Armed only with a flute, a mandolin, a loopstation effects pedal and a microphone she's put together a showcase of several of her self-produced tracks into one compact little package.

Keep an eye out for upcoming live shows and releases, but now, peep the flute ninja bringing out the finger gymnastics with 'Spy'.

Local talent to achieve big things with her eclectic style and diverse instrument use.


Newcastle United Adidas Gazzelles.

Well not really, but somethin far superior. NBHD x Adidas Gazelle.

My good friend MF Mike aka Lam-Dog was buzzin round town showing off his recent coups. To make one more envious he decided to rock one of each colour Home: BLACK, Away: WHITE. Nice touch NOBHEAD!!!

jealousy is a curse!!!