Saturday, 23 August 2014

Its been a long time...


This must be longest period I have gone without blogging, I have been constantly telling myself I should, its the same thing with the gym... same as in I never do either, but once Im there, I love it.

So Im back in.

So much has happened i'm unsure where to start.

I am now on first name terms with Mr Nasir Jones, (personal highlight) I have had some incredible people reach out to me and say they love what I am doing, I have released a few collections, the brand is coming up to its second Birthday, England disappointed at the World Cup, India are disappointing in the Cricket, I am being gifted nice things, and also buying nice things, I have been working on bespoke constantly, I have been working on a huge push for aw15, while thinking of AW14 capsule collection.... my wife is ACE.

It doesn't really stop.

Its not really work when you love it, however there are ups and downs.

let the journey continue, and I will remain being honest, hard working individual to try achieve all my goals and ambitions.

click HERE for a summary of all events I have not blogged about.

......I shouldn't of left you.

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