Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Attack on an innocent bystander who seems to be minding his own business. Police are they not meant to diffuse the violence instead of insiting it. In all my years on Earth the Police have been more cowardly then made society members feel safe, thats why they dont get the respect they think they deserve. If this was me, you or any other member of society we would be imprisoned, its assault and contributed to his death, not saying the officer meant to kill him but he used excessive force.

Everyone is quick to blame and criticise them but I have no reason to defend them. I understand its a hard job but they should go about it the right way and be consistent in the way they act. Im not brandishing all members of the force this way but majority seem on power trips and out of control.

Whose going to Police the Police?

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Katie THRILLKILL said...

Spot on.

It's so true that if "we" had committed such an act, "we'd" be trialled for manslaughter.

They are petty thugs. In the words of NWA:
"Fuck tha police!"