Sunday, 17 January 2010

Re-killing a collector.

So many sneaker heads will most likely be extremely excited at the prospect of he Nike Air Jordan VI in Blk/Infra-red (varsity red, I was corrected) being re-released this week. Me on the other foot, will be quite upset! Due to the fact that I bought 2 pairs in 2000, from Footlocker and have kept them super fresh ever since, so its quite dis-heartening to know there getting a re-re-release, and pretty much everyone will have a spanking new pair. Somewhat selfish but im somewhat very passionate about shoes!

Anyway they scheduled to release on the 23rd of this month. I shall be wearing them everyday till then.

But do yours say Nike AIR on the back?


LeeJulien said...

You're wrong Rav; it's not the infra-red that's re-releasing so you can calm down!
It's Black/Varsity Red

RSM said...

ha...that makes it worse! think i may still get a pair.