Friday, 20 June 2008

Sorry this aint gonna McFLY!!

This is somewhat a sore subject. Since the release of Back to the Future II in 24 November 1989 (yes exact date), i have deeply desired the shoe worn by Marty McFly, titled the Nike McFly, there have been petitions and millions have signed for Nike to release this futuristic looking shoe...from 2015. These were only used as props in the movie and not an actual wearable shoe.

Anyway, ok so they wont self lace, or light up, but make the model Nike make the dam model!!!

To add insult to injury they have now released the hyper dunk the same colorway as the McFly, but not quite there. A poor mans McFly. Why? Why not just go the whole way???

My prediction: Nike will release these in 2015. With a whole load of hype.

you heard it here first :)

meanwhile go sign the petition:

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