Monday, 9 June 2008


Urban legends have it that the word GOLF originated as an acronym for "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden"

If thats the case my little cousin would not be shakin the Golfing world in her unique way. Making Golf 'cool' and a more attractive sport to the younger generation. Coming from a very sporting Family, she first started playin due to my Uncle/her Dad being a very good amateur player. A little chubby looking BOY (sorry Kiran) showed natural talent from the first ball she hit. Now blossomed into a lovely young women she has fulfilled all the initial hype.

Still at the tender age of 19 is now a professional currently playing on the Ladies European Tour.

Sponsored by PING and the face of PUMA Womens Golf, she aint doin too bad. Dedicating her younger most excitin years to something she loves, picking up prizes and trophies all over the globe.

release of her OWN Golf shoe:

Just for Kiran by Puma

On MTV BASE teaching AKON a few strokes

keep doing your thing sister. x

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LeeJulien said...

this shit is the dopest man...big up ur cuz man