Thursday, 26 March 2009

Boomerang 1992

The perfect era, well for me the early 90's, Jordan and the Bulls, Leeds United winning the Championship, the Fashion, Hip-Hop, everything seemed so much more iconic back then. Growing up, where sneakers and how to lace them were your only worry. The movies:

I recently watched Boomerang, for the god-know how many time, but always intigues me. In particular the suits Eddie Murphy wore that made him the suave Marcus Graham in the movie.

Clean cut, structured attire, that had him dazzling all the ladies. A very Parisian feel to the movie, probably due to the fact the Director was influenced by François Truffaut's Jules and Jim.

Ladies get them toes did!

"Check it. Like Jet magazine. This is my mack daddie vibe I am giving you. In all its splendor."

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